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Final Fantasy Series

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Baby Dino
Dino Bones
Is anyone here a fan of the Final fantasy series? I've been a fan since I was 15 years old, I got a copy of Final Fantasy Anthology for the PS1 in 2005 and 5 and 6 were my first FF games. I got stuck in FFV, so I decided to check out VI and loved it! V is actually my favorite game in the series now though, I beat it for the first time a few years ago and just got a copy of the original Super Famicom version in my Retro Game Treasure box for this month. :D I also enjoy VII, and even VIII. I still need to actually finish VI, VII, and VIII though. I wish that the newer games were turned based like the original games were, I'm more of a fan of that style of gameplay.
I've never played it myself, but I can see the appeal.

I'm more into Monster Hunter, ARK Survival, Path of Titans, etc.
This is one of my best game series. I have been playing this game for a long time. I am not much into role-playing games, and I do not specifically play JRPG, yet I like Final Fantasy. However, I have not played Final Fantasy 15 and 16.