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Spino, Styraco, Cerato
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Jurassic Park
I'm here today to announce that we're putting together a contest that will last a month or two! Once you hit 25 posts on the forums here, you'll qualify for an entry for a chance to win:
Games that say "Claimed" means that I have the key ready to give out.

Since I already own a copy of this game, I'll give this copy away on Humble Monthly! (which means the end of this month/early next month)

The requirements to enter:
- Make 25 quality posts (more than just 2-3 words, new threads need a couple sentences at least, and replies a response that has at least some effort)
- Every 10 posts after 25 give you an extra entry!

The winners will be drawn once the Squadrons key is available to me!


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