📰 MH Happy 3rd Anniversary, Monster Hunter Rise!

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Jun 25, 2023
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Hey Hunters,

This week marks three years since Monster Hunter Rise first launched on Nintendo Switch on March 26 2021, before arriving here on Steam on Jan 12 2022!

Your passion, support and hunting prowess for Rise (and Sunbreak!) has been and continues to be amazing, thank you all so much!

Unsurprisingly, we absolutely wanted to celebrate this milestone with you here on Steam!

To mark the occasion, we've got not one, but two pieces of artwork to share with you, including a couple of messages from the Development team:

A Message From Director Ichinose

Hey everyone, Monster Hunter Rise Director Ichinose, here!

Monster Hunter Rise has finally reached its third anniversary! I drew this artwork as a result of trying to write something to celebrate, please check it out!


Thank you for your continued support of Rise & Sunbreak!

- Ichinose

But wait, there's more! The Monster Hunter RnD Team also have a message and celebratory artwork to share with you!

A Message From Monster Hunter RnD

Hunters! It's the 3rd Anniversary of Monster Hunter Rise! Thank you so much for the many people who are still playing the game! Your passion for Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak is really appreciated!


(This illustration was drawn by the designer in charge. Cute!)

- Monster Hunter RnD

Whether you've been with us since Rise first launched on Steam, joined us more recently, or anywhere in-between, thank you! It's awesome to have you with us!

Got any special moments or highlights you'd like to share from Monster Hunter Rise? Let us know in the comments!

Happy 3rd Anniversary hunters, we'll see you in the hunt!

- Monster Hunter Community Team

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