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Hi I'm Ravenfreak!

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What do you like to be called: Ravenfreak or just Raven is fine!
What's your favorite dinosaur: Raptors!
What's your favorite dinosaur movie: Jurassic Park
What's your favorite hobbies: ROM Hacking, programming (occasionally), playing video games, and working on forums/blogs.

I'm Ravenfreak, a 33 year old guy who enjoys playing video games, with my favorite gaming franchise being Sonic the Hedgehog! As for dinosaur related video games, I really enjoy the Turok series of games that were originally released on the N64. I also enjoy the Sega Mega Drive Jurassic Park titles! I currently live in the midwest with my beautiful spouse and our cat named Gizmo. It's nice to meet you all!
Welcome to the haven! Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay and hang out with us for a while!

Spinosaurus would have to be my #1, but raptors are in my top 5 species! (Utahraptor, Dakotahraptor)

Jurassic Park & How To Train Your Dragon are my top 2 franchises, with Star Trek & Wars behind them.