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How many hours do you sleep?

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Do you think that you're getting enough sleep every night? There are some people who can't sleep unless they down some pills. Personally, I don't get enough sleep with or without pills. I can barely sleep 4 hours every night. Last night was the same thing with me, I was only able to sleep from 3AM to 6:30AM.

Do you sleep well enough every night?
I get 6-7 on average. Supposed to get 8-9 but I'm a night owl. Always up till 2a at the earliest. Lol.

Sometimes I wake up at 830 or so for certain family events, otherwise 10a.
8 to 9. But if anything disrupts that schedule, you def don't want to be around me for the day. I get super grumpy and just don't chat to anyone in person.