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How To Get ARK: Survival Ascended

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This guide will tell you the various methods of how to get ARK: Survival Ascended. As of right now, you cannot actually purchase it, but we will let you know which platforms it will be on!

ASA's Planned Platforms​

  • PC (Steam)
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • PS5
Sorry guys! It will not be coming out on the Nintendo Switch or mobile. Those devices aren't powerful enough to run it.

How To Get ARK: Survival Ascended​

Currently, ASA is not purchasable, and it looks like it will not be a pre-order purchasable game. This means for the first while, they will offer a discount on PC purchases, and it will have a launch discount from $60 down to $40 if you purchase it shortly after launch.

-- This guide will be updated as more information comes before release --