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How To Request Account Deletions

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Our account deletion process is mostly automated, but there are some things you will need to do on your end first! Please read this post for information on our Account Deletion request/policy. Please refer to our Terms of Use for a more detailed explanation.

Before Submitting Account Deletion Requests

We strongly recommend that you go through your posting history and remove any personal data you don't want to remain on the site. This is because we anonymise accounts, which removes the signature, personal details, and gives you a random username.

Once you request an account deletion, it has a timer of 7 days with a 2 day reminder. This allows you to change your mind if you decide to come back within a week, and get your account back, all automated.

What gets changed when 'deleting' an account

  • Username gets randomized to "Deleted Acc #(random)"
  • Email gets removed from account
  • Password gets removed from account
  • Avatar gets removed from account.
  • Personal details fields get removed from account.
This essentially deletes all details of your account, but does not break the flow of conversations from everyone else.

Again, we recommend editing the posts with any possible personal details that you want removed from your posts once they get anonymised.

Note for EU members

Only Administrators can see IP information. Moderators & members cannot.
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