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🎮 Games List of Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) Dinosaur Games

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Here is a list of known Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) Dinosaur games. These are games that are both currently out, or are being developed in UE5.

Current Dino Games in UE5​

  • Path of Titans | A dinosaur survival simulator similar to The Isle and Beasts of Bermuda. Has Crossplay, and modding (others don't)! Kenson's a backer!
  • The Isle (Evrima) | Beta build (Evrima) is in Unreal Engine 5, but is still in heavy development. Some of the choices they've made are pretty controversial (like removing global chat, makes a full server feel more dead)

Upcoming Dino Games in UE5​

  • Deathground | An Aliens-like experience, with dinosaurs! Kenson's a backer, and will stream it as soon as backer beta is available!
  • Instinction | Explore a forgotten valley, in single-player or coop, within the Yucatan Peninsula.

Are We Missing a Game In This List?

Please reply to this article and let us know what's missing! We'll add it to the OP with a short description of the game! The game needs to be in Unreal Engine 5 to make this particular list.
I do not use Unreal Engine 5, but I would like to try this platform one of these days. I have also never played any major dino games and I would also like to try dino games. By the way, are the games you mentioned free or paid?