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📰 DinoFossilHunter Major Update Announcement!

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Dear Paleontologists!

Almost a year has passed since we released the last major update (v2.2), but we always wanted to do more. Since then, we've poured our efforts into enhancing performance, introducing a broader array of prehistoric creatures, delving into new gameplay mechanics, and even expanding our horizons to console platforms. Today, we are thrilled to finally unveil what awaits you in the upcoming Anniversary Update!

What's coming?

More Dinosaurs!

We are adding two new species to the game, including the highly requested Pteranodon fossil!


Unearth Dinosaur Eggs!

A brand-new and unique mechanic awaits, allowing you to hunt for and excavate fossilized dinosaur eggs, ensuring that every location is well worth revisiting.


Unique decorations!

Unlock the ability to discover unique plant specimens within your dig sites. Capture them with your drone's lens, and they'll find a new home as additional captivating decorations within your museum.


Let there be light!

We've undertaken a comprehensive overhaul of our game's lighting and weather systems. Additionally, we've introduced awe-inspiring 3D volumetric clouds to elevate your gaming experience.


Performance Revolution

Our dedication to improvement extends to memory management and overall performance optimization. Expect smoother gameplay with higher frame rates and fewer disruptions.

All this, and more, is set to arrive later this year!


To mark this exciting announcement, we're offering a special 45% discount on Dinosaur Fossil Hunter for the next 10 days! If you haven't yet embarked on your fossil-hunting journey, now is the perfect time to join us in preparation for the forthcoming update!

The Anniversary Update is currently undergoing rigorous testing, and we'll unveil the exact release date once testing is successfully completed. Stay tuned for future devlogs, where we'll unravel more details about the upcoming refresh of our dream game!

Warm Regards,
The Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Team

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