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📰 PrimalCarnage MELTDOWN 2023

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Meltdown 2023 is here!

With our latest major update we've made several spicy gameplay changes and visual tweaks, plus there's a seriously scorching selection of new looks being added. Check it out...

Feature Update:
The Bowverhaul

Having listened to feedback, we decided to radically reposition the Compound Bow's place in the game.


The bow is now a primary weapon and has a lot more customizability with its controls and firing modes. We've worked hard to make the bow feel easier to use, it's now less annoying to quickfire and you can continuously fire arrows without needing to take your finger off the button.

Alternate Control Scheme

There are two control schemes for the bow now in Gameplay settings, the Classic (default) setup that was available previously and the new Combined control method...

Charge up by holding secondary fire, tap primary fire to shoot

Charge up by holding primary fire, release primary fire to shoot

Tap the secondary fire button in Combined mode to cancel a shot, saving the arrow from being fired.

Bow Auto-Fire

Three new auto-fire options for the bow in Gameplay settings control when an arrow is released...

Half: Auto-fires the bow when your shot is half charged.

Full: Auto-fires the bow when your shot is fully charged.

Max: Default behaviour, only auto-fires when you lose control of the arrow after several seconds.


By selecting an auto fire option you can continuously fire by holding the primary fire button in Combined mode or primary+secondary together in Classic mode. As always, half charged shots do half damage and will not ignite targets if you are using explosive arrows.

Bow Rebalancing

Although a lot of actions with the bow have been made faster, we deliberately made using explosive arrows take longer now. The draw time is over twice that of regular arrows even for half charged shots, making them less of a "quick win button."

Turning the bow into a primary weapon is as much about making it feel better to use as it is removing an overly deadly combination. The devastating one-two hit of assault cannon + explosive arrow was an incredibly lethal and unsporting tactic that Scientists could use previously. There's interesting potential for combining the DoT effects of arrows and darts with the bow's new loadout position, but it's not the crazy almost insta-kill on smaller dinosaurs that could be exploited previously.

Regular arrows have seen a modest buff to their damage output, and the bow no longer has a muzzle flash when fired, which would give away your position before.



A few classes have been rebalanced a bit or received fixes / tweaks that make them handle better.

Tyrannosaurus now has new tail swipe animations, these are faster and swing out lower down while also stretching more to the side. This gives the attack greater reach and flexibility, making it much more effective and more in line with the Cerato's tail swipe.


It's leg day for Ceratosaurus, who can now sprint for longer without getting out of breath, andi has much faster stamina regeneration. The Pachy has also been taking notes and is now able to reach max sprint speed quicker, jump a little higher without roaring, and has a slightly more damaging knockback slide.

Finally, the Oviraptor has been buffed with more health along with its primary attack and pounce speed being faster. This makes it a more compelling alternative to the Novaraptor.



Aside from the bowverhaul, a few of the guns have received some TLC. We're mainly fixing some annoyances, like being unable to heavy melee with the Spaz by using the actual heavy melee key (you can still use the secondary fire button if you really want to).


The big changes were to the burst rifle, making it a more accurate weapon, particularly when scoped. Its primary damage is slightly less, but the much better spread and falloff make up for this. The burst rifle's blade actually deals a bit *more* bleed damage, it just occurs over a shorter period of time. It's also a lot easier to melee now with the burst rifle, since firing can be interrupted.

A Taste of 3.0

As part of evolving the PlayStation side of Primal, we've been adding a whole bunch of new visual flourishes to the game. These range from purely cosmetic touches to indicators that help you in combat.

When fighting as dinosaurs, successful melee or charge hits will show a more noticeable impact particle. Landing a critical hit as a dino will show a dust effect with subtle red claw swipes on impact.


Several new screen overlays also appear for certain gameplay events such as healing or being stunned, and getting a kill causes a subtle flash of the screen. If you're too close to an incendiary explosion or are using the flamethrower, the screen will turn hot in addition to having new screen shake motions...


Moving fast whether as a result of SpeedGreed or by diving as a Pterosaur will cause "speed lines" to appear on the edges of your view....


A lot more camera shake effects have been added to many in-game actions, which add extra weight and impact when they occur. Everything from using heavy melee to being knocked back by a tailswipe or just jumping around will play unique camera motions now.


We feel this connects you a bit better to the character you're playing and makes actions like chainsawing feel much more visceral. However, if you wish to disable these, the Camera Shake option in Gameplay Settings has been expanded to cover more than just Tyrant footsteps and explosions.

Updated Feature:

By popular demand, we have reimplemented the simple colour slider adjusters for dinosaurs!


These still have the same limitations as they always did, being unable to save the colours permanently. The simple sliders are remembered per-class, not per-skin, and are not guaranteed to remain selected between sessions. However, they do offer an easy way of tweaking the body and eye tones.

For more in-depth colour customization that can be saved, the paint crafting system is still usable and can actually be combined with the simple hue sliders for interesting results. As a reminder, all paint tools can be obtained as drops now.

There are even more visual upgrades in the works for 3.0, not least of which will be another round of revamps to the game's maps. Expect overhauled post processing, lighting, and denser details while also being better optimized for performance when it arrives later this year!


In-Game Event:


Welcome to MELTDOWN 2023! Our annual summer event is now LIVE in-game, with loads of awesome new community-created items being added. There's a brand new Summer Gift in-store today, alongside the Smouldering Saurian Selection which includes TEN scorching dinosaur looks!


Humans get some love with the frankly stylish Dapper Duster Trapper and Gambler's weapon skins...


There are also new dinosaur taunts and a collection of new mutations in this year's featured store set!


Outside of the store, there's a whole bunch of new free drops being added, from the Veteran Acro and Rostrum Cryo mutations to exotic weapon skins, glowing Red Welder Goggles and a new Acro taunt!


And don't forget that classic items from previous summer events are also returning!
Check the Specials section for some HOT discounts!

To take a look at ALL of the new event items, see our special Trello board!

Those are all the highlights.
For a full list of changes, see below...

VERSION 2.9.30 Changelog


  • made the bow a primary weapon
  • now possible to fire bow continuously with ease
  • swap between two control schemes (Classic and Combined)
  • tap alt fire in Combined mode to cancel your shot

  • added bow auto-fire options to gameplay settings with 3 options
    (auto-fire arrow when half charged / fully charged / default)

  • adjusted bow firing interval times
  • tracker arrows fire at the same speed as regular arrows now
  • explosive arrows now take much longer to fire than regular arrows
  • most other bow actions are now faster
  • increased regular arrow max damage from 140 to 165
  • shortened explosive arrow burn damage duration from 2.5 secs to 2 seconds
  • increased max burn damage over time for explosive arrows from 40 to 48
  • increased the amount of arrows received when resupplying the bow
  • running out of one arrow type now always makes you auto-swap to the other
  • fixed the bow having a muzzle flash light when fired

  • fixed dual wielded weapons not applying recoil when you're firing with just the right hand
  • fixed Spaz not allowing you to do heavy melee attacks with the actual heavy melee button
  • slowed down the Assault Cannon heavy melee attack
  • updated Double Barrel Shotgun melee animation

  • reduced burst rifle reload by 0.15 seconds.
  • tweaked burst rifle spread to not bloom quite as much
  • buffed burst rifle damage falloff to be closer to the Assault Rifle
  • reduced burst rifle primary fire damage from 45 to 40
  • tweaked burst rifle recoil and spread in scoped mode so you can actually hit stuff
  • reduced bleed duration for burst rifle from 4 seconds to 2.6 secs
  • reduced bleed damage per tick for burst rifle from 18 to 16 (total damage down from 72 to 64)
  • burst rifle can melee after having fired 3/4 bullets of the burst (saves 0.16 seconds)

  • started addressing the "double shot" issue when hold-firing weapons continuously

  • various skin fixes
  • began updating human shader (WIP)
  • fixed incorrect default throwables for humans on first launch


  • added new T-Rex tail swipe animations
  • reduced Tyrant stamina drain while bracing, now costs less than half its previous value

  • Roar refresh should now remove the poison status (if you're not marked for death)
  • Tyrants and large bruisers do not receive screen shake when hit by melee attacks now
  • Fixed fully tranq'd dinos having no camera effect when hit by poison dart rifle
  • Fixed bleed icon for heavy melee not shown for small dinos

  • faster acceleration to max speed for Pachy
  • increased Pachy default jump height to reliably be able to jump on top of cargo containers
  • longer threshold for Pachy auto-ending a charge due to time spent in the air
  • made the Pachy slide ability do more damage and slightly more knockback
  • minor increase to Pachy slide and jump stamina cost

  • increased stamina regen speed for Cerato
  • reduced sprint stamina consumption rate for Cerato

  • increased Oviraptor health from 280 to 300
  • reduced sprint stamina consumption for Oviraptor
  • slightly faster primary attack speed for Oviraptor
  • minor increase to Oviraptor primary attack damage
  • minor increase to Ovi pounce maul damage to be exactly double that of Nova

  • fixed Cerato/Pachy technically not having a default skin on first launch
  • consistency fixes between head and body for glowy Rex skins

  • re-implemented classic simple colour slider options for dinosaurs
    - has same limitations as before, cannot save non-crafted skin colours permanently
    - can be used in combination with the multi-layered paint system

  • tweaked soundclass prioritization
  • removed AlwaysPlay from regular footsteps
  • enabled AlwaysPlay on large dino steps and weapon sounds
  • reduced the chance of throwable items playing impact sounds over and over
  • increased max sound concurrency on roars


Camera animations:
  • new screen shake when using the flamethrower and chainsaw
  • jumping up now has more shake as human
  • jumping now pulls the camera up and back as dinosaurs
  • shaking when diving at high speed as flyers
  • screen shake when using quick knife
  • screen shake when using heavy melee
  • new shake when hit by heavy melee as dinosaur
  • intense screen shake when receiving knockback as human
  • new machete camera motions for quick slash, heavy slash and winding up
  • new shake when being hit by trample damage and Acro stomp
  • camera bobbing when fully tranquillized or poisoned
Screen FX:
  • hot glow when firing the flamethrower
  • speed blur when using speedgreed or diving as a flyer
  • pulsing effect when you start being healed
  • extra effect when receiving burst rifle bleed damage
  • extra effect when stungunned as non-Tyrant
  • short screen flash when getting a kill
  • subtle flash when spawning
Impact FX:
  • dealing "critical" damage as a dinosaur (removing 50% health) shows a special impact effect
  • red "claw dust" appears when a Bruiser / Tyrant lands a secondary attack

Join us on Discord...

Thanks for playing!
-The Primal Carnage Team

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