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Monster Hunter Stories

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Baby Dino
Dino Bones
This is the only Monster Hunter game I've played so far. I barely played it though and need to get back to it someday. Anyways are you a fan of this series? I know it's quite different from the rest of the MH franchise and is somewhat similar to Pokemon in the way that you can collect monsters. That's one of the reasons why I decided to get this game before getting any of the other ones in the series. (I do own the first game on the PS2 though.) I was looking into other monster collecting games and came across MHS.
How did I just now see this? haha.

Stories is a great choice to get into the Monster Hunter universe, since it has some similarities to Pokemon. But I've never played Pokemon myself (not really into it).

I've played thru the second game once, and own the first game on my android phone.