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⚠ Announcement More Stream Schedule Changes!

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Starting next month, I plan to remove Thursdays from the regular stream rotation. This means I will only have scheduled streams on Monday & Wednesday. This gives me more chances to make a YouTube video (on a hopefully bi-weekly basis if not weekly), as well as have more time to spend with family, which is very important to me. It can also allow me more time to work on Blog posts as well.

Starting next month, the schedule is changing from:
  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 2 - 5 PM CST
To the following schedule:
  • Monday, Wednesday 2 - 5 PM CST
I will, of course, do bonus streams as time permits each week. Most likely on Fridays or Saturdays for these bonus streams, when I have nothing going on with the family that day. Thanks for understanding these changes!

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