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📰 PrimalCarnage New merch / Bruiser Bash / Patch 2.9.20

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A new patch is now available for Primal Carnage: Extinction on Steam!
We have updates to the official merch shop, another retro store rotation and several fixes / tweaks...

Game Changes

We're mainly focusing on minor tweaks and quality of life fixes currently while preparing to launch the PlayStation beta. Today's patch includes several of these changes.


Dinosaurs now have a new more "Primal" feeling crosshair, which turns blood red when hovered over an enemy (those who prefer a minimal look can swap to a simple dot in the gameplay settings). This change is particularly helpful for Tyrants, whose giant heads can obscure the targets they are trying to eat.

The mercenaries can now trigger inspection animations for several weapons by pressing Reload when they have a full clip. We'll be expanding this to *all* weapons in a future patch.

Camera animations have started to be updated, with adjustments to sniper rifles and the netgun motions. Tyrant footsteps now have more noticeable screenshake that persists across a greater distance, with a longer and more pronounced camera wobble which hopefully makes them less "stealthy."

However, our primary focus on PC has been investigating some of the more stubborn old bugs. One of the more devious issues was projectiles "losing their owner" on death, leading to human teammates catching fire or exploding if someone was autobalanced or died at the worst moment.

This has now been resolved, and we're looking into squashing other annoying issues with partial fixes already. If possible, please report any serious bugs you encounter on the Bug-Reporting channel of the official discord and include your latest .log file (found in the Logs folder of your PCE game install).


The official merchandise store now features a new batch of items, ranging from action-packed posters to truly Jurassic-sized mouse mats!


There are brand new dark mugs such as the ominous Novaraptor Stasis, more T-shirt variants, and some lovely stickers to show your dino appreciation.


Click HERE to visit the merchandise store, and look forward to even more merch being added soon!

Retro Rotation:

The latest classic colletion returning today is a real Bruiser bonanza! Bashing their way in-store are over FIFTY different retro Carno, Cerato & Pachy items with great discounts. Check out a sampling below...


You can see all of this week's returning cosmetics in the most recent column of our special Trello page! Up next is Raptor Rampage, where Oviraptors and Novaraptors flock this way...!

Version 2.9.15 Changelog

  • Fixed explosives losing their owner on death
  • Projectiles and traps are now cleaned up on death / autobalance
  • Fixed flamethrower and molotov damaging humans if active when a Pyro dies / gets autobalanced
  • Fix for when hurt by your own explosive then die by something else being classed as suicide
  • Fixed the HUD icon for Grenegg going crazy sometimes

  • Added an alternate crosshair for dinosaurs which goes red when over enemies
  • Updated the Show Dinosaur Crosshair option in Gameplay settings to allow swapping styles
  • Humans can now "inspect" their weapon by pressing Reload when their gun has full ammo (WIP)

  • Updated camera motion + increased radius of tyrant footstep screenshake
  • Updated reload and firing camera animations for netgun & both sniper rifles

  • Potential fix for some players being unable to join matches because the server thinks it's full when it's not

  • Added safety checks in code for dinosaur models, may fix model glitching when swapping sometimes

Thanks for playing!
-The Primal Carnage Team

For all things Primal Carnage, get involved on the Official Discord...

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