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📰 MH Notification of Patch Ver.

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Game News Updates
Dino Bones
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 May 18, 2023

We have released patch Ver. to address the following issue:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing the "Guard Bash" Rampage Decoration Skill to activate in response to things other than monster attacks, such as certain locale gimmicks and endemic life.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the "Destructive Dragon Deity" quest from showing up in the Join Request search if players in the same lobby try to join this quest through the "Join Hub Quest" option.
  • Fixed a bug causing an incorrect explanation to be displayed for the "F Jaggi Helm X" at the Buddy Smithy in Elgado.
  • Fixed a bug preventing progress if the player gets hit with an attack during the Quest Completed animation.

  • Monster Hunter Rise does not allow for matchmaking between different versions of the game. If you update the game, you will no longer be able to matchmake with players who haven't applied the patch yet. You can check your current version on the bottom right of the title screen.
  • The Steam version does not support cross saves or crossplay with other platforms.
  • For any questions, please visit our support website:
We look forward to your continued support!

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