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📰 Isle Patch

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  • Added server whitelists - Details below


  • Various adjustments to improve accuracy of directional attacks
  • Fixed locomotion input locking during vomiting
  • Improvements to spectator mode update rates
  • Added the missing hint for the 3x carb diet combination

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the input lockup when a character is knocked down during a pounce
  • Fixed players being shielded from attacks if they are standing on a corpse
  • Fixed being able to interact with already swallowed actors
  • Fixed omnivore diets ignoring carnivorous diet requirements
  • Fixed the carb diet spending more stamina instead of spending less
  • Fixed gallimimus paranoia audio playing in all biomes instead of just the jungle
  • Fixed corpses not floating to the top of water
  • Fixed gallimimus mobilization vocals playing indefinitely when sprinting and causing other vocals to become blocked
  • Fixed pounce sometimes causing the target to always buck if the buck input was pressed as the pouncer was dismounting

Server Whitelisting

Server owners can enable whitelists by adding bServerWhitelist=true under the TIGameSession section of the Game.ini file.

In the same file, add each Steam64 ID using: WhitelistIDs=71231XXXXXXXXXXXX under the TIGameStateBase section.

Once enabled, only IDs in that list will be able to join the server. Server admins will be able to join regardless of if they are on the whitelist or not.

Example below:


ServerName=Server Name

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