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📰 Isle Patch

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Hey Islanders,

In this small patch we've introduced a rework to the vomiting mechanic and introduced a "sickness" status effect. The patch notes contain a more detailed breakdown of these additions. We are aware of and continuing to investigate the ping issues affecting our Official Servers. We will keep you informed as soon as we have more information available.



  • Expanded upon the existing vomit system. Vomiting now has a variable cooldown as to prevent players from becoming "vomit locked" when attacked by groups of ceratosaurus., which would stop them from fighting back. Whenever a player vomits, they will also incur a vomit sickness state that lasts 5 minutes. While this state is active, nutrients cannot be gained from eating and there is a chance to vomit again while eating/swallowing food. Additional vomits during this time will cause the vomit sickness state duration to stack and increase. As before, stamina/hunger/thirst max values are decreased after vomiting, and interacting with a salt lick can remove these negative effects more quickly.


  • The vomiting animation will be prioritized over abilities and sprinting, but will still allow the player to walk/trot. This is to ensure that players can be seen visually vomiting instead of just suddenly receiving the debuff.
  • Adjusted the vomit revert value proportion over time.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed vomit decal trace.

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Personally, I don't really like these changes just by what I'm seeing in the text. I prefer The Isle legacy, Evrima's updates are slowly making me lose interest update by update. It's unfortunate. It used to be a great game (IMO, Legacy doesn't look as good, but gameplay was better for me).

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