📰 Isle Patch Now Released!

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Hey Islanders,

We are now deploying Gateway to the EVRIMA branch. As outlined in our latest DevBlog, our current live version (Spiro, will be moved to its own branch for a limited time. This move is designed to accommodate players who do not want to partake in active development but wish to continue playing the game on the previous stable version. Once Gateway's gameplay loop is assessed internally as stable and within the intended vision, we will drop support for and return to a unified EVRIMA branch. All Official Servers are also transferring over to Gateway.

As always, you may need to restart your Steam client if the update is not immediately available to download.

Server Owners that utilize Gateway will have to make adjustments to their configuration files. Below, you'll find an example illustrating the required format for your Game.ini. Please note; You also have to use the appropriate depot when hosting for a specific map.

spiro0.11.59.04 - Server branch for Spiro
evrima - Server branch for Gateway

ServerName=Official Evrima - EU 5


- Added new map (Gateway)
- Added new mechanic: Migrations
- Added new mechanic: Sanctuaries
- Added new AI: Sanctuary Bees
- Added weather
- Added new environmental material effects to dinosaurs
- Added new UI icons
- Added sanctuary (red) mushroom
- Added AI herds
- Added new edible plants: Jackfruit, Banana, Brazil Nuts, Dulse
- Added pushable gates/doors
- Added config option to toggle AI
- Setup new stamina regen during resting
- Setup damage outputs being modified by a player's health
- Added beipi nest animation
- Added new ram impact foley sound
- Added input release to digging so players can interrupt the ending animation
- Added required restarts to certain graphical options that failed to update without them

Balance Changes
- Slightly lowered carnotaurus attack rotations
- Increased some alt attack trace sizes
- Updated cerato bacteria gain values
- Set stego plates and hypsi eyebrows to not block penetration checks
- Enabled dryo evade when sprinting
- Adjusted charge and headbutt interactions
- Added the weight of all pouncers as a check to be able to sprint when being pounced
- Returned stamina cost for alt bites to all animals, besides deino
- Reduced damage output if a player is out of stamina
- Using direction attacks to substitute movement when bleeding now results in proportional drain to the animal's blood pool
- Adjusted stegosaurus growth times
- Adjusted deinosuchus growth times
- Added 20s cooldown to carnotaurus charge
- Globally reduced stamina costs for attempting to pounce and successful pounce states (latched, pinned)
- Removed initial bleed damage on pounce
- Updated all animals buck stamina damages
- Reduced stamina cost for headbutt and tenonto attacks
- Increased all hatchling/juvenile nightvision ranges
- Removed stamina regen boost from diets
- Adjusted nutrient slot fills so overeating is no longer required
- Adjusted cerato scent ranges
- Reduced stamina cost for bucking off latched players
- Reduced pterodactylus damage
- Increased pachy bleed resists
- Added stenciling effects to deinosuchus's underwater nightvision

- Engine version update
- UI updates
- Landscape shader updates
- Foliage shader updates
- Improvements to pounce animation visuals
- Disabled walking off ledges when standing on foliage
- Vocals and environment sounds improvements
- Updated omniraptor movement animations
- Improved corpse trashing trigger
- Setup day and night lengths to be modified using ini file
- Improvements to pachy ram hit detection
- Vocal calls take several uses before they start to fall in power
- Disabled resting in knee deep water
- Set skin variation to be saved and also exportable/importable
- Improvements to river, lakes and mud pool collisions
- Avoid hit animation when pinned
- Added cooldown colors to charge indicator
- Adjusted crab carry location
- Adjusted sea turtle pounce locations
- Adjusted boar carry position
- Made herbivores and omnivores adjust animation based on its location in relation to the player mesh
- Improvements to fracture animations
- Fixed rotten food not properly giving nutrients
- Updated night vision
- Added brightness curve for night vision
- Reflective eyes added to night vision
- Updates and fixes to fruit math regarding weight
- Fireflies now disappear properly during the day
- Made migration zones show up immediately during scent without having to hold the input
- Reduced intensity of galli feed vocal sound
- Adjusted hypsi footprints size
- Adjusted stego footprints size
- Adjusted organs giving little food/nutrients
- Avoid system spawning plants on big slopes
- Avoid trees being scented, rather than their fruit
- Made debuff nutrients such as cannibal/mushrooms decrease as fast as hunger.
- Block any kind of pickup during charge
- Changed admin panel input name from "Players" to "AdminPanel"
- Increased rate at which pachycephalosaurus eats and drinks

- Pounce is no longer interrupted by directional attacks
- Fixed graze still being able to activate while sprinting
- Fixed Ptero using carry and drag anim froms Ptera, causing stretching
- Fixed tenonto default skin
- Fixed some foliage collision
- Fixed galli's environmental alert sounds playing outside of the jungle
- Fixed galli mobilize vocal not having an animation
- Fix to certain diets affecting bleed and health decay
- Fixed not being able to drop a turtle after carrying it
- Fixed deer carry offset
- Vocal sounds will now be heard in replays
- Underwater post process now displays correctly with replays
- Fixed gore scaling in a players mouth if they grew
- Fixed certain blood decay math
- Fix the grab high animation being canceled by certain features
- Fixed galli kick uncrouching when holding something
- Hypsi is now properly set to protein instead of lipids for troodon and ptera
- Fixed tiny footsteps inaudible in deep mud
- Fixed attacks not canceling buck
- Fixed getting interaction hints when latched
- Fix to small deino lunge causing target to be forced out of resting
- Fixed players being able to swallow debris
- Interaction hints do not activate when a player is latched onto a pounce target
- Fixes to blood vfx
- Fixed sliding not working properly
- Fixed ptera not using stamina for takeoffs
- Fixed meat chunks not giving nutrients if a juvenile carnivore swallows them
- Fixed stego 90 degree alt attack resulting in movement lock
- Fixed beipiaosaurus, pachycephalosaurus, and stegosaurus knockdown configuration.
- Fixed swallowed corpses scaling with the player
- Fix to vomit trace
- Fixed input lock if swallowing while vomit sickness is active
- Corpses can no longer be swallowed repeatedly
- Fixed grazing while moving not locking camera
- Fixed crouching deceleration
- Fixed camera lock while grazing causing player to move in circles
- Fixed ptera animation issue when landing
- Fixed not being able to activate hypsi spit while running
- Fixed rotten food not properly giving nutrients
- Fixed ptera vocal blending when flying
- Fixed morphs for dinos with subadult stage
- Fixed troodon jump attack sound not crossfading by age
- Fixed weather desyncs
- Fixed replay cooldown starting from start of recording
- Fixed river spline collision mismatch between server/client
- Fixed certain exploits that allowed spamming of directional attacks
- Fixed organ interaction and rot rate values
- Fixed issue with schooling fish scale increases
- Fixed organ weights being too heavy
- Fixed flung animations getting stuck in a loop
- Fixed carno slide animation after charging
- Fixed water splash VFX scale on tiny creatures
- Fixed boars not attacking

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