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Hey Islanders,

Due to the holiday season we will not be providing a devblog over the new year. However, in the spirit of moving forward with presentable content, we are releasing a new patch that will be delivered straight to evrima as opposed to the standard hordetesting branch. The inclusion of herrerasaurus and dilophosaurus has come early, however there are certain quirks both visually and mechanically for each of them that will be adjusted after the holidays. Continue using the bug report functionality regardless, as we will continue to refine content as much as possible in the coming days before holiday break. I hope you find the new additions to the roster as fun as we do.

Please note; you may need to restart your Steam client if the update is not immediately available to download.


Added dilophosaurus as a playable class
Added herrerasaurus as a playable class
Added the ability to scent when crouched or resting
Added dryosaurus directional attacks
Added new AI world spawner
Added replay focus and hotkeys to adjust playback speed
Added zoom function to replays
Added new hypsilophodon grab animation
Added input release to digging to interrupt it early
Added an additional effect for sting stage for sanctuary bees
Added a warning pulse effect and sound for agitated sanctuary bees
Added "wounded" as a status report and calculation for bite force
Added condition for pounce hit to check front and back of a big target
Added giant wax palms to Gateway
Added a NV brightness curve for all species, separate from range
Added new lunge swimming animations for deinosuchus
Added new water sense effect for deinosuchus
Added deflect animations for omniraptor and troodon when pouncing from the front or behind targets

Carnotaurus now requires a "run up" in order to charge
Ceratosaurus stability is increased when chuffing around corpses
Smoothing adjustments to animal head tracking
Smoothing adjustments to pounce latch translation/rotation and pouncer´s camera
Adjusted boar carry position
Reduced dirt vfx amount when digging
Improved trying to rest from sliding
Adjusted hypsilophodon and stegosaurus footprint sizes
Enabled swallowing while latching
Removed schooling fish from the gallimimus diet
Shortened stegosaurus knockdown duration
Migration zones now display immediately when scenting
Allowed corpses to update locational effects
Improvements to large call attenuations
Disabled chuffing while swimming
Hatchlings are now added to their parents' group regardless of size limit
Updated friends session finder
Made pounce and headbutt to ignore alt attacks
Weather sounds are now filtered when a player's camera is underwater
Increased ceratosaurus scent range
Players can no longer pick things up if they are charging as carnotaurus
Increased pachycephalosaurus bleed resistance
Setup new threshold values for bees attacks and juvenile diet swap
Updated admin panel event to match new input name
Adjusted nutrients prortions for sanctuary mushrooms
Updated deinosuchus underwater vision
Removed initial bleed damage from target when an animal pounces them
Increased pachycephalosaurus intake values when eating or drinking
Nutrient decay rates have been slightly lowered
Adjusted ceratosaurus animation swallow curves
Adjusted gallimimus, hypsilophodon, beipiaosaurus, dryosaurus, pachycephalosaurus, and troodon knockdown times
Restored minimum sprint duration/distance before sliding can activate
Ceratosaurus charged bites now force the player out of crouching
Added a stability multiplier to tenotosaurus when attacking behind itself
Removed impact sound from death screen
Adjusted pachycephalosaurus ram downwards activation angle
Slightly shortened recoil and stagger animations
Organs should now properly reflect food values based on the size of the animal they are taken from
Pachycephalosaurus headbutt can now properly hit swimming targets
Edits to nv underwater values
Updated balance values for pounce (stamina cost/damage)
Updated headbutt balance values (stamina cost/damage)
Updated all bucking stamina damage values
Increased the diet boost values to scent and NV ranges
Fast transitions from sitting to standing no longer cost stamina

Bug fixes
Fixed mud not going away if wallowing after a rain event fired
Fixed headbutt slide and animation failing to restart
Fixed pteranodon animation blending when using vocals while flying
Fixed ceratosaurus charged bite tap animation
Fixed wallow adding mud even if raining
Fixed dryosaurus/carnotaurus charge indicator showing for hatchlings
Fixed morphs for animals with a subadult stage
Fixed wrong math on removing source food when removing a chunk
Fixed players occasionally losing their saved skins
Fixed grazing message having priority over eating a specific plant
Fixed bullfrog not being properly listed for omnivores diets
Fixed deinosuchus and ceratosaurus occasionally receiving vomit debuffs
Fixed gore chunks not having correct nutrient proportions from its source
Fixed troodon jump attack sound not crossfading by age
Fixed collision for physics assets against old cliff rocks
Fixed some foliage and rock collisions being inaccurate
Fixed beipiaosaurus upwards swimming animation not playing correctly
Fixed weather sometimes not replicating
Fixed beipiaosaurus vertical swim speed being incorrect
Fixed vomit animation making meat chunks clip through the neck and face
Fixed profile creating sound playing on start up
Fixed pachycephalosaurus juvenile generic call sound clicking
Fixed pteranodon not taking off at low stamina properly
Fixed carnotaurus not sliding after turning from charge
Fixed issue with eating value always being 50
Fixed boar montages
Fixed replay cooldown starting from the start of recording instead of its end
Fixed directional attack being spammable
Fixed wrong values on skin setup for AI spawn
Fixed organs not becoming rotten sometimes
Fixed pieces being interactable after destroy was called on server
Fixed schooling fish scale issue on spawn
Fixed trace attack hitting overlaps
Fixed dryosaurus/carnotaurus cooldown indicator color while the ability is active
Fixed organs weight values sometimes being too heavy
Fixed dryosaurus not biting while holding ALT
Fixed slowdown when landing
Fixed sinking too deep into mud when jumping in
Fixed deinosuchus nose bubbles showing above water
Fixed crouch jittering when stood in water
Fixed some species using diving animation for mud pools
Fixed locked damage not being added on some normal attacks
Fixed skin preview background not having light sometimes
Fixed sickness status on UI disappearing when relogging
Fixed meat chunks occasionally not despawning if eaten fully from swallowing or on the floor
Fixed pachycephalosaurus ram head damage multiplier
Fixed issue of swallow animation on simulated proxies
Fixed drag SFX sometimes playing louder than intended
Fixed certain hints not showing up
Fixed scent bar not being full when inside migration zone
Fixed flung animation repeating
Fixed carnotaurus slide animation after charging
Fixed sanctuary mushrooms being added to adult diet list
Fixed collision of gore pieces during swallow
Fixed swallowing state not applying once swallow animation starts
Fixed "can't swallow" hints not showing up in some circunstances
Fixed organs occasionally becoming stuck to the player's mouth
Fixed AI dinos not updating locational effects
Fixed bees not damaging adult dryosaurus
Fixed bullfrog and deer giving wrong diet nutrients
Fixed issues with drink distance checks
Fixed subadult to adult growth times for dinosaurs without a subadult stage
Fixed dryosaurus juvenile and hypsilophodon grazing/eating sounds not playing
Fixed bleed clogging sometimes not working when wallowing
Fixed vocals ducking venom ambience
Fixed goat, boar and deer sliding animations when sprinting
Fixed juvenile omnivores not getting nutrients from anything besides sanctuary mushroom sources
Fixed fall damage not being calculated when quicklogging
Fixed lunge sprint boost after leaving water to land during lunge
Fixed crouched scent animations clipping through floor
Fixed pawn being destroyed if quick logout after going to Spec mode at least once
Fixed scent blocking other abilities if it was activated when scenting is not possible
Fixed gore been somewhat intertactable after fully eaten
Fixed headtracking jitter
Fixed organs that were thrashed to be thrashed again using original corpse
Fixed pounce camera disalignment
Fixed some debuff values taking too long to disappear
Fixed animal AI not spawning blood pool effects
Fixed corpse flies not despawning
Fixed headtracking facing forward when looking back
Fixed wallow hint showing on blood pools for herbivores
Fixed beipiaosaurus bouncing on water surfaces when out of stamina
Fixed deinosuchus sprint footstep sounds not playing sometimes
Fixed hypsilophodon slide footsteps not spawning
Fixed pteranodon being able to skim above ground
Fixed a latency issue causing the pounce start animation to repeat

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