📰 Isle Patch is now available

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Hey Islanders,

We're deploying a small patch aimed at addressing various issues, while also implementing some adjustments related to stamina regeneration. Please note; You may need to restart your Steam client if you find that the patch is not immediately available to download.

Added stamina regeneration during movement states based off of current stamina.

Updated stamina regen values for all species
Improved AI animals attenuation volume/filter/reverb curves and falloff ranges
Made adult and juvenile deinosuchus have the same NV fog values underwater
Reduced dilophosaurus' hallucination recovery cooldown from 5mins to 1min
Increased footprints default despawn time from 1min to 5min
Reduced food proportion of schooling fishes

Fixed a server hitch during player connections
Fixed some server crashes
Fixed Pteranodon corpses not rotting
Fixed eat hint showing for herbivores near plants while carrying something
Fixed fruits despawning
Fixed wounds and low stamina not affecting final damage output
Fixed vocals not working on replays

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