📰 Isle Patch

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Hey Islanders,

A new patch is now available on the Evrima Public Branch. Thank you to all the active participants that helped us fine-tune this release via the hordetesting branch. Please note; You may need to restart your Steam client if the download is not immediately available.

All community servers must wipe their migration save data to be compatible with the latest version.


  • Added new diet tiers and adjusted existing diet bonuses
  • Replaced northern plains spawn with northern jungle spawn
  • Growth, stamina, hunger, and thirst have appropriate values for the scale of Gateway
  • Added goat to ceratosaurus diet
  • Adjusted stamina regeneration thresholds
  • Altered growth patterns of dinosaurs to grow faster through juveniles stages and slower at subadult stages
  • Slightly reduced the timer to auto swap migration zones if there isn't enough players to eat the food there
  • Hatchlings inherit parent skin colors once again
  • Adjustments to post-processing effects on angled water sources.
  • Increased herrerasaurus' drop attack damage and bleed
  • Herrerasaurus no longer falls over if it lands a successful drop attack from a bone breaking height
  • General pounce and ram mechanic improvements
  • Increased troodon durability
  • Increased dilophosaurus swim speed
  • Adjusted all basic attack cooldowns
  • Allowed admins in spectator mode to see all ingame chat messages
  • Slightly increased food and nutrient amount from schooling fish
  • Reduced waterfall sound concurrency
  • Various server performance improvements
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a issue that was inverting the stamina costs of pteranodon take-off
  • Fixed herrerasaurus drop attacks locking herrerasaurus in place
  • Fixed ceratosaurus not receiving nutrients from bones
  • Fixed quicklog failures
  • Fixed herrerasaurus knocking each other out of a latch when climbing
  • Fixed a couple of rare server crashes
  • Fixed players being randomly kicked from servers
  • Fixed several faults that resulted in player kicks
  • Fixed replay feature sometimes displaying only a black screen
  • Fixed various audio cues not ending properly
  • Fixed additional saving issues
  • Fixed persistent fog lighting issue
  • Fixed skin creator lighting
  • Fixed additional server side issues
  • Fixed character display in server list showing incorrect growth
  • Fixed various issues with the server queue system

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