📰 Isle Patch now available!

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Hey Islanders,

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent hordetest, we're now pushing our latest build to the Evrima Public Branch! As mentioned in an earlier Discord announcement, for this patch, we'll be experimenting with a new server variant based on feedback gathered from our recent Hordetest. These servers will support higher playercounts of 150 without AI, and are based in both NA and EU regions. Initially there will only be two servers of this extra type available, but we will spin up additional servers of this variant as necessary and will remain available for as long as player interest dictates.

Please note; Our regular 100 slot AI enabled servers will still be available alongside the experimental ones.

Additionally, here's an example Game.ini for server owners to utilize the latest server functionality.

AdminsSteamIDs="Admin steam ID here"
AdminsSteamIDs="Admin steam ID here"
WhitelistIDs="White list steam ID here" - needs to be enabled in the GameSession below, keep this empty if whitelist is disabled
WhitelistIDs="White list steam ID here"
AllowedClasses=Dryosaurus - List of all enabled classes - can also be managed in Admin Panel in real time

ServerName="Server name here"
ServerPassword="password here"
RconPassword="password here"
ServerDayLengthMinutes=45 - Set in minutes
ServerNightLengthMinutes=20 - Set in minutes
bServerWhitelist=false - Add whitelist steam ids in GameStateBase section above
AISpawnInterval=40 - Set in seconds (how frequente it checks to Spawn new AIs)
DisallowedAIClasses=Compsognathus - Add the names of each AI class that should be disabled, one line for each
MaxMigrationTime=5400 - Set in seconds - how frequent migration zones change
GrowthMultiplier=1 - Universal multiplier for growth, putting this number too high will stop it to work (stay below ~40)


- Added DLSS (NVidia) and FSR (AMD)
- Added Skin Creator to the Main Menu
- Added Previous and Next buttons for generated skins
- Re-enabled aerial directional attacks for troodon and omniraptor
- Added Global Chat as a server option (Disabled by default)
- Added Growth Multiplier as a server option
- Added customization for disabling specific AI to server options
- Added AI Density as a server option
- Added new /unstuck chat command (has a 90 minute cooldown, can´t be used near other players)
- Damage now cancels eat/drink
- New breath sounds for small animals
- Setup separate medium and small crouch footstep sounds
- Re-enabled interactive foliage since UE5 update (Enable/Disable available in settings)
- Re-enabled low option for shadows
- Added juvenile AI
- Added new opacity check for smaller animals to see around themselves in grass
- Added Ceratosaurus Manual Vomit
- Added new Dryo primary attack sound
- Added Pattern C to some species (more to come)

- Updated basic attack cooldowns
- Adjusted some spawn zone sizes and added a couple more zones for Deinosuchus/Beipiaosaurus
- Prevented rain drops from being visible underwater when breaking the surface of watersources
- Updated bucking cost math to take into account juvenile pouncers
- Map updates and fixes
- Improved corpse physics visual and performance
- Improved weather lighting during certain weather conditions
- Reduced chance for certain weather conditions
- Dilophosaurus hallucinations can now be used against AI
- Troodon idle camera has been raised
- Various VFX improvements
- Deinosuchus lunge ability can now drag bigger targets if they are swimming
- AI behavior improvements
- Increased camera lock angle (total 90º) for when eating/drinking
- Moved Deinosuchus spawners to water only
- Scavenger AI no longer appear instantly when a corpse is created
- Updated carnivore diets
- Improvements to spectator mode
- Several sounds/music volume improvements
- Bees now play the pulse audio for large and small targets
- Made schooling fish smaller when caught by beipi
- Herbivores/omnivores can now scent while moving
- Players can now scent when carrying objects
- Adjustments to pounce to avoid various issues with slopes and camera pitch angle
- Allow Pounce to work when attacking back of target
- Adjustments to Fall damage
- Made thrashing a corpse easier to trigger
- Made "Perfect Diet" UI status to only showing up if Tier 6
- Various improvements to when eye shine shows on an animal
- Imported new pachy trot animations
- Increased pachy trot speed
- Increased herrerasaurus drop attack hit size
- Pounce adjustment to avoid latency issues when a nearby target is already hit
- Adjusted mouse sensitivty min/max to better range
- Allow juveniles to also see diets listed for migration zone
- Increased omniraptor and troodon leg health
- Held food will now be dropped during the pachycephalosaurus ram instead of blocking the ability
- Reduced volume of open sound in profile menu
- Underwater NV should now function more consistently
- Adjustments to AI spawn rate
- Disabled Humans
- Adjusted the trot and sprint steps non spatialised radius for small dinosaurs
- Adjusted ceratosaurus manual vomit to deplete only 20% of hunger/thirst and nutrients
- Removed seeing unnecessary hints when underwater
- Gave Herrera underwater Night Vision
- Reduced stormy weather volume
- Rendering updates for performance
- Chat performance improvements
- Grazing hint will now only display when hunger is below 20%

- Organs should now despawn
- Constant fog should no longer exist
- Fixed an issue where issuing a manual ban would kick the last player who joined
- Juvenile deinosuchus can now grab schooling fish
- Fixes to corpse interactions near water
- Fixed nutrient slots not filling for juveniles during certain conditions
- Fixed deinosuchus corpse thrash not working in water
- Fixed issue that caused players to sometimes spawn in a tree or rock
- Fixed AI corpses despawning too soon
- Fixed impact animations sometimes not playing for all clients
- Fixed ceratosaurus threaten call sometimes getting cutoff.
- Fixed walk/crouch footstep audio sometimes playing footstep trot audio
- Fixed charge damage not being reset
- Setting weather with the admin panel will no longer cause undesired abrupt weather changes
- Fixed juvenile dilophosaurus grab montage repeating
- Fixed water splash sometimes not triggering
- Fixed lunge shake slide
- Fixed random footstep in Hypsi slide
- Fixed audio issues with deinosuchus juvenile lunge body impact
- Fix to Physics Door replication when a new player appears
- Fixed effects on rabbit burrows
- Removed holes in the ceiba tree
- Fixed pteranodon snapping towards walls when holding RMB while jumping
- Fixed beipiaosaurus underwater directional attack animation
- Fixed camera rotation with UI open
- Ptera no longer uses stamina when aerial diving
- Fixed stamina consumption at certain water depths
- Fixed pteranodon running takeoff not working
- Fixed courting when flying/falling/jumping
- Fixed boars sometimes ignoring targets they can detect
- Fixed AI sometimes spawning under map
- Fixed pounce recovery causing some animal AI to begin sliding
- Fixes to chicken sound attenuation
- Fixed deinosuchus lunge sound attenuation
- Fixed collision with the watchtower mesh
- Fixed turtle making noise when killed by pounce then dragged
- Fixed recoil animation not playing when lunged if too close
- Fixed herrerasaurus fall damage
- Fixed deinosuchus rotation while thrashing a corpse
- Fixed pteranodon animation going from crash recovery to crash landed
- Fixed effects not requiring a game restart when changed
- Fixed F6 toggling gameplay settings
- Fixed incorrect attentuation for various animal idles
- Fixed scalability settings not properly setting
- Fixed a check with interactable objects so players no longer have move away and reposition to update
- Fix to some audio sounding off centre
- Fixed fish dying due to lack of oxygen
- Fixed bones not giving nutrients to ceratosaurus
- Fixed diet screen UI not showing herrerasaurus and dilophosaurus
- Fixed an issue when dragging organs
- Fixed getting stuck in hatch animation
- Fixed an issue with skeleton physics
- Fix to organs disappearing and appearing again after swallow
- Fixed fast moving clouds
- Fixed AI dying from dehydration or starvation
- Fixed moving scent animations
- Fixed hatchling pachycephalosaurus attract vocal using incorrect sounds
- Fixed being unable to scent while carrying something
- Fixed gore sometimes becoming stuck to the character's face after interaction
- Fixed underwater night vision post process not respecting the river water line
- Fixed Goat AI pinned/swimming/idle animations
- Fixed dilophosaurus crouch animation
- Fixed Tenontosaurus 180 directional attack vocal playing twice
- Fixed deinosuchus underwater vision range not properly scaling with growth
- Fixed lunged players not losing oxygen properly
- Fixed server crash caused by courting
- Fixed an issue causing the Day/Night Cycle to speed up
- Fixed herrerasaurus fall damage scale (reduced)
- Fixed some AI movement issues
- Fixed hypsi blind not cleaning off automatically

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