📰 DinoFossilHunter Patch 2.5.11 is here!

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Hello, Fossil Hunters!

How do you like the update 2.5.0? 😊 We've been following the community channels attentively to make sure we won't miss any news from you and today we'd like to 📢 share the results!

That being said, we're thrilled to 🎉 announce the patch 2.5.11, containing the fixes for the most commonly reported bugs and imperfections.

v2.5.0 -> v2.5.11 (public_testing)

How to change branch?


During last weeks our devs needed to deal with some corner cases, including, among others:
* reported issues with endless loading when trying to move from excavation site to the museum,
* colors palette straight outta the **** 🔥 on HDR monitors,
* disappearing prestige points when exiting museum, resulting in a negative amount of them eventually.
* It also turned out that the Corythosaurus missed a bone at the back right limb, but we found it, so no worries. 😅🦴

🦖 You will find the complete changelog below:
  • fixed issue with endless loading screen when coming back to the museum
  • fixed black screen when sending medium stone to pallet

  • fixed buggy display of held items during walk
  • facilitated cleaning of Edmontosaurus teeth
  • fixed issue with "bloody" color palette on HDR monitors
  • fixed disappearing prestige points (resulting with negative points eventually)
  • fixed slow camera movements and tearing screen
  • fixed the location on Grizzlies East Mountain where player could be stuck
  • fixed levitating piece of dirt
  • fixed incorrectly placed decorations after increasing the prestige
  • fixed save file with a lot of negative prestige points not loading from the main menu

  • fixed disappearing glass on off road SUV
  • removed additional unidentified key tip in museum controls
  • fixed sun intensity in museums
  • fixed issue with setting standing decoration if the pictures menu is selected
  • improved the laptop UI to be more intuitive
  • changed the amount of canisters for the achievement "Have you checked fuel prices?"
  • moved tablet screen closer to the player
  • fixed disappearing description panels in museum
  • [PT] added missing translations
  • fixed levitating excavation items
  • fixed being able to interact with workstations at the loading screen
  • fixed missing bone at back right limb of Corythosaurus
  • fixed levitating canister
  • improved newspaper on a newspaper visibility
  • fixed missing outline on delivered canister
  • [DE] added missing translations
  • improved looks of fragments of rocks in Dinosaur Canyon
  • fixed issue with blinking interactable piece of terrain
  • fixed difficulty with scanning Styracosaurus' head
  • fixed inconsistent message at the knowledge base
  • [PL] improved text quality on the pump
  • fixed the sequences of disappearing prestige bug

  • added info about getting new newspapers
  • [UA] added missing translations
  • [ENG] fixed loading screen tip about finding unique plants
  • fixed incorrect display of the GPS route after marking
  • fixed hole in the ground in Quarry
  • fixed unresponsive elevators buttons

  • added translations to the achievements on Steam
  • added painted skins for Pteranodon and Cortyhosaurus
  • added an option to make the default vehicle the one that was recently selected

  • optimized dinosaur assembling

This build will go to default Steam branch after a few days if there are no new reports about issues by those who play on testing branch.

We've also got news for the members of our Discord server. We have created a new forum dedicated to 🐛 bugs, so if any unexpected issues occur, please create a new thread there. 📝

This way we can follow the reports easier and it's also more convenient to manage them, as each bug has its own thread and all related, necessary info can be found in one place, not flooded by other topics.

That's all we have prepared for you. We would also like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy Easter from the entire Pyramid Games team. 🐰🌷

Don't forget to check our social media!

Take care,
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter team

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