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📰 PrimalCarnage Patch Now Available

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A new patch is now available for Primal Carnage: Extinction on Steam.

This latest patch fixes a bunch of bugs reported by the community and implements some mechanical changes that might spice up gameplay a little.



Bracing is an ability that allows Tyrants to withstand more damage while it is active. We're considering making it even stronger in future by mitigating crit shots while bracing (among other things) but today's patch modifies it to be a more deliberate stance change.

Tyrants now have unique movement styles when bracing, created by our community animators. They are now forced to slow to regular walk speed and hunker down when using the brace ability. You can initiate a brace while sprinting, but it will cancel your sprint. The charge-up indicator for bracing has also been fixed and now displays properly for Tyrants.


Kills through melee attacks such as the raptor's claw slash etc. still give health back with this patch, but it has changed to regenerate over time instead of instantly. This is similar to how picking up a medkit works as a human. The healing period is only a couple of seconds, and in most cases won't inconvenience the dinosaur. However, it does give humans a chance to stop the dino healing with enough damage.

We also modified how Tyrants receive health from eating humans. They now regain HP incrimentally, four times over the course of the animation, instead of waiting for it to be complete before they get anything. Tyrants sharing their kills is now also more fair in terms of health restoration for each.

No changes have been made to Carno or Acro's health replenishment with their respective roars.


Pathfinder flares now have added utility by removing the Marked status from humans. If a Flyer has marked someone, the human can now run to a flare to remove the marking outlines. Anyone standing near to a flare is immune to being marked while it's still burning.

We think this extra utility makes flares an even more useful part of Pathfinder's kit and will make the Flyers feel a tad less omniscient. To mitigate this new ability, remember that Dilophosaurus spit can extinguish flares!


PCE game servers now log basic performance data of players from match to match in the background. This is an initial step towards implementing more advanced team sorting.

Being rank 150 doesn't guarantee a player is an elite pro gamer, but it can be demoralizing when all of the Evolved people are on one team. We're going to gather stats from matches with this patch to see how best to engineer our new sorting algorithm. Once ready, the game will sort players according to various criteria when a new match starts to try and have the fairest distribution.


A lot of what we're doing lately is getting rid of some of the rough edges and awkwardness with some of the game's mechanics. One of our focuses has been making weapons feel better, smoothing out issues with various timers that prevent you from doing certain actions. For a complete list of all the fixes and improvements in today's patch, see below...

FULL CHANGELOG, Patch 2.9.21

  • Added healing over time for dino melee kills, takes 2 seconds
  • Taking damage doesn't entirely cancel the healing, but reduces amount of health to be restored
  • Tyrants healing from eating humans is now staggered, triggering 4 times over the course of the animation and checking if the human is still in the mouth.

  • Made it so both tyrants get the full health when snatching humans from one another

  • fixed no charge-up indicator for bracing as a Tyrant
  • implemented custom animations for Tyrants when bracing
  • using the Acro stomp attack now forces you to exit bracing
  • tyrants are now forced out of sprinting when initiating brace, and vice versa
  • fixed Tyrant brace not stopping when out of stamina (below minimum amount required to brace)
  • fixed tyrant brace not being enabled by holding down the "crouch" button
    (can use either crouch or special movement key)

  • Carnotaurus now has reduced attack damage after roaring:
    - headbutt damage reduced from 85 to 63 while roared
    - secondary reduced from 50 to 40 while roared

  • pathfinder flares now remove the marked status from humans if they are within a certain radius
  • if a human is close enough to pathfinder flares, they are immune to being marked by Flyers

  • Can now swap weapons while firing more smoothly
  • Cancelling out of reloading / firing a weapon is now easier
  • Slightly better accuracy for poison dart rifle + one more round in the magazine
  • Flamethrower should now have an easier time igniting pools on sloped terrain
  • Started fixing certain weapon reload animations getting cut off

  • fixed out of breath sounds for humans not playing in multiplayer
  • fixed SMG sound glitching when holding fire button during reloading
  • fixed incorrect rotation for the left SMG muzzle flash (shell casings galore!)
  • updated rumble effects and sound notifies for several weapons

  • updated TDM scoreboard sorting, is now: max(kills, assists) - deaths
  • fixed new dinosaur crosshair turning red when looking at already dead humans
  • fixed multiple-choice death hints changing super fast while waiting to respawn
  • fixed a rounding issue with the scoreboard that could produce really long score numbers
  • fixed main menu Evolve button not being pressable sometimes
  • fixed a server crash related to animation glitching
  • added end of round stat printouts viewable in server .Log files
It's Getting Hot In Here..


We're currently building towards the release of our PlayStation beta this month, as well as the annual Meltdown event on Steam.

The next update (Summer Warmup) will release at the end of June and bring some initial preparations for the massive 3.0 overhaul. As our focus is more on the PS4 side currently, we'll have a smaller set of new items debuting here. The epic Meltdown motherlode will be heating things up later this summer.

It's going to be a crazy couple of months, and we're looking forward to bringing you lots of new features, maps, and more soon!

Thanks for playing!
-The Primal Carnage Team

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