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📰 PrimalCarnage PCE Hotfix, Version 2.9.121

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A new patch is now available for Primal Carnage: Extinction on Steam.

This hotfix mainly resolves a few issues with Flyer movement, we'll be continuing to refine both Tupa and Ptera's fluidity in future. Full details for today's patch below...

Version 2.9.121 Changelog:
  • Fixed awkwardness when sprinting left/right while in flight for Ptera and Tupa
  • Sprint-flying left and right is now the same speed as going forwards

  • Fixed robotic footstep sounds playing on regular Tyrant skins when you step in mud with chains equipped

  • Fixed two of the same novaraptor mutation being in default inventory
  • Fixed an issue with eye masking on certain cryo skins
  • Added red classic trapper shades

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