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❌ Closed Posting Your Own Guides

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Hello friends! If you're interested in posting your own game guide, please read over this thread first!

Game Guide Requirements​

  1. For Tips & Trips posts: 500-600 Words Minimum
    1. Preferably closer to 800 Words if possible.
  2. For Tutorials & In-Depth Guides: 1,000 Words Minimum
    1. Preferably closer to 1200+ Words if possible
  3. "No Limit" on how long your post can be.
    1. Maximum characters per post is 25k. This averages out to about 3500 words.
    2. Since you can split the post into multiple replies and link to the reply in the main thread.
  4. Images: Please add only images you have permission to use. Some methods of obtaining legal images:
    1. Take the picture yourself in-game. [This is the best way]
    2. Use free stock photo images like Pixabay, Unsplash. [You must credit the image in your references for these]
    3. Hire someone and commission out graphics for your post. [Recommended you credit the artist and link to their commissions page]

Game Guide Recommendations​

We highly recommend that your guide be as detailed as possible. Please read the Requirements to see what we need each post to have as a minimum. With more detailed posts, the higher it will rank on Google search, and other search engines as well.

We recommend having similar topic headings to this, in a similar order to this:
  1. Short bio on what guide will achieve
  2. Describe the difficulties you're fixing with this guide
  3. Describe the process of overcoming these challenges
  4. Explain the solution to your guide
  5. The conclusion should include any references you used, where possible.
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