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📰 DinoFossilHunter Raptor DLC now available!

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Hello, Fossil Hunters!

Even though we’re still one day away from the previously announced date, we’ve decided to surprise you and release Raptor DLC a bit earlier. 🦖

Raptor DLC is already available on Steam!


This DLC brings a brand new Utharaptor ostrommaysi skeleton to Dinosaur Fossil Hunter!

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The Raptor DLC will also include:
  • new Dinosaur species: Utahraptor ostrommaysi
  • new active dig sites on Dinosaur Canyon location
  • 10 skeleton poses
  • 252 unique bones
  • Utahraptor statue for Painting Room (from Designer DLC)

But that’s not all, because we’re also bringing you Patch v2.2.11 for the base game Dinosaur Fossil Hunter! You don’t need the DLC to get access to this update – the update will be available to you in the Steam library just like all the previous ones.

You can find detailed information about Patch v2.2.11 HERE:

🎄Treat it as an early Christmas gift from us. 😉

That's not all!


If you are curious to learn more about Utahraptor excavation don't forget to join Paleontologist Danny Anduza today at 12pm Los Angeles time (that's 21:00 CET time), he will start with Fossil News and then begin playing the game around 2pm LA time (around 23:00 CET time).

🦖➡️ https://www.twitch.tv/paleontologizing

Merry Christmas!
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Team

...one more thing:

Here's a list of Bundles which allow you to buy both DLCs together with the game!

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Collector's Edition

Dinosaur & Zoo Bundle


Rovers meet Dinosaurs Bundle


Other Bundles with games from our friends:

Paleontologist & Car Mechanic

UBOAT & Dinosaurs

Paleontologist on Junkyard

T-Rex Meets Mr. Prepper

Dino in a Castle (Flipper)

Fishing & Fossil Hunting

Fossil & Car Trader Collection

Paleontologist & Thief Sim

Tank Fossils

Fossil Bakery Muffin

Dinosaurs and Trains

Dinosaur and House Builder

Dinosaur and Creatura

Dinosaur and Aquarist

Dinosaur and Farmer

Barn Treasures & Fossils


Paleontologist & MythBuster

Paleontologist & Alchemist

Mech & Dinosaur

Dinosaur & Accident Investigator

Dinosaur Station Bundle

Starving FoodTruck & Dinosaurs Bundle

Dinosaur & Party

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