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Server Information

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server restart process
Upon server restarts, it will take a few minutes to fully boot up. Once the server shows in-game, that does not mean it's fully up and running yet! Please wait for it to say "Gondwa" for the map. Otherwise we may need to restart again.

Welcome to our Path of Titans Server!​

Our Path of Titans server(s) follows the same rules that the rest of our community does, in addition to a few additional rules. Please read our Rules if you need a refresher.

The additional rules that apply to our Path of Titans server(s) specifically are:
  1. No Swearing In-Game! We have people of all ages that may join!
  2. One Teleport request per day, unless the admins are feeling like doing more!
  3. You may only be teleported to SafeZone if you are a Juvie or under. If you are a Sub-adult or Adult, you must make it there yourself!

How To Join Our PoT Server!​

Please follow these instructions if you need help getting onto our Path of Titans server:
  1. Make sure your game (and any mods) are up-to-date.
  2. Go to the "Community Servers" button in-game (matchmaking is OFFICIAL only!)
  3. Search for "meso" in the field to the top left:
  4. Wait for the refresh timer to hit 0. Then hit "refresh." -- There are other servers that have "mesozoic" in their name, you want to make sure it says "Mesozoic Haven - Gondwa" in order to join the correct server!
  5. Load in, and have fun!

Server Events​

Every so often, we run events in-game! These include migration events, 1-v-1 fights, and once in a while, hide 'n seek (since that requires a bit more work on our part).

Winners & Participants​

  • ALL event participants will get 2,000 Marks just by participating!
  • Event WINNERS get a bonus of 5,000 Marks! Make sure you're on the dinosaur you want to get the Marks on before we grant them (if you need to change dinos, let us know in-game)!

Paid Subscriber Perks​

Unfortunately, the Alderon Games team does not let us offer many perks to our paid subscribers to help fund the server, so we are extremely limited in what we can offer without them blocking our server from showing up in-game! Sorry, subs!
  1. Custom gold-colored name color (includes message text)
  2. Reserved slot (you can join even if it's full!)
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