Sonic Unleashed

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Baby Dino
Wiki Editor
Egg First 100!
Jul 27, 2023
Since I got a Xbox Series S about a month ago I decided to finally sit down and give Sonic Unleashed another chance since I heard the game runs great on the new Xbox consoles. Lo and behold it really does! Not only that but the graphics look amazing for a game that will be turning 16 at the end of this year. In this adventure, Sonic and Eggman duke it out but in the process Eggman awakens a force called Dark Gaia that splits up the earth and it's up to Sonic and his new friend Chip to restore the world. During the fight with Eggman however, Sonic came into contact with Dark Gaia's energy and has a Werehog form that he changes into during the nighttime. In Sonic Unleashed, there are two game play styles. During the daytime stages, you get all the fast paced platforming that Sonic is known for, whereas during the nighttime stages you control the Werehog and get to fight enemies. I didn't like the werehog stages when I first played the game, but now I have a better appreciation for the game since I've been playing it on a Series S. It's a shame the game lagged on the consoles it originally came out on, I think if people got to experience it the way we get to now on a newer console they probably would appreciate it more. I really do like the game and I'm very close to finishing it. I highly recommend giving it a go on a new Xbox console!