Spyro the Dragon

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Baby Dino
Wiki Editor
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Jul 27, 2023
Spyro the Dragon is my favorite 3D platformer series on the original Playstation! I haven't really played much of the other games in the series, so I can't really rate them. However, I love the trilogy on the PS1 and my favorite is Year of the Dragon. Spyro the Dragon was the second game I got for my PS1 shortly after I got it as a kid. I didn't have a memory card at the time though, which sucked since I couldn't save my game and had to start over multiple times until I finally got a memory card. Does anyone else like Spyro?


ps4 playstation GIF

I sure hope that they are making a Spyro 4 right now. This is the PERFECT time to release it. Year of the DRAGON in 2024.