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A new update for Primal Carnage: Extinction is now available on Steam.
Check out all the details below!

In-Game Event:

It's not quite Meltdown, but things are heating up...


We close out Jurassic June with our SUMMER WARMUP event! A selection of scorching new looks is here, from uniquely detailed premium skins to marvellous mutations and even new taunts!


Outside of the store, there's a bunch of new free drops being added to the game as well!


And of course ALL previous summer item sets are back in the Specials section today, with some spicy discounts too. Why not bag some Big Blazing Bundles? Or spread the summer fun with over half a dozen legacy Summer Gifts returning!


The community continues to make some seriously impressive stuff, and we'll have even more fan-made customizations coming your way later this summer (alongside bigger updates to core gameplay).


As ever, you can check out all of the event items on our special Trello board!

Save BIG with PCE on Steam...

Get 50% OFF when buying Primal Carnage: Extinction til July 13th during the Steam Summer Sale!
Got some friends who haven't jumped into the carnage yet? The PCE 4-pack is also discounted!

And don't forget, if you already own Primal Carnage: Extinction on Steam, you get a sweet discount on upgrading to the PCE Deluxe Edition. This bundle includes over 400 items for your dinos and humans!

Lastly, we're enabled DOUBLE DROPS for the next two weeks!
Earn twice the number of weekly random items simply by playing the game!

VERSION 2.9.22 Changelog
  • Adjusted fire rate of the Flameslammer shotgun to be faster
  • Fixed an odd delay when trying to melee with the Burst Rifle

  • Dinosaurs in general now need to take more damage for healing to be cancelled after a kill
  • Ceratosaurus and Tyrants are less effected by incoming damage when gaining health from a kill
  • Melee kill healing for dinosaurs now applies when at full health, allowing you to mitigate damage

  • Added new summer cosmetic content
  • Improved compatibility of certain mutations with cosmetic attachments
  • Fixed some gaps visible in a couple of mutation models
  • Character asset optimizations and file reorganization
  • Tweaked statistics logging to gather more in-depth data on matches for future balancing

  • Known Issue: missing textures for Wandering Poacher's Hat
  • Known Issue: incorrect specular/glow on certain legacy skins

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Thanks for playing!
-The Primal Carnage Team

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