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Our new Ultimate DLC Collection is finally going live with today's minor patch!
The Ultimate Edition bundle includes all of the Deluxe DLC along with 5 new Ultimate DLC packs.


Ranging from centigrade to thalassic, the Ultimate skin collection has special animated emissive effects with intricate designs and bold colours. Previously only available as ultra rare drops, they are now purchasable directly on Steam!


Each DLC pack contains the Ultimate skins for that class family, along with bonus copies that have their associated Strange effects applied. For example, each Kilowatt skin in the Ultimate DLCs also comes with a duplicate which uses the lightning trails effect.


New players can purchase the Ultimate Edition starting today, but existing players can also upgrade to the Ultimate Edition with a discount.

All DLC is available separately as well, so you can buy the packs individually if you only wish to get the Ultimate skins for one class family.

Finally, owning all of the Ultimate DLC packs grants you a special bonus Platinum Nameplate in-game!


Purchasing any of the new DLC will contribute to continued development of PCE, helping us tackle larger issues with the game and work on bringing new features to the experience.

Minor Patch 2.9.43

In addition to the Ultimate DLC being enabled, there is a new minor patch today that resolves some smaller problems raised recently by the community...

  • fixed weapons that can scope not playing inspect animations
  • guns now also play inspect animations with zero ammo
  • fixed the flamesaw being unable to play its inspect animation
  • reduced jump timeout for raptors after pouncing to 0.25 secs
  • fixed antlers on skeleton spino (for real this time)
  • various additional cosmetic fixes


We're running a week-long sale to tie in with our Halloween Horrors event!
Pick up Primal Carnage: Extinction for 50% OFF right now until November 6th!


Our annual spookfest will be running for the next few weeks in-game, have a scary good time!

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