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⚠ Announce Update: Twitch Made A Mistake!

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UPDATE: Twitch has restored my account. They banned me at the same time as someone else who was compromised.

They should still have double checked things before sending the ban in the first place, it really, REALLY stressed me out. As compensation they've restored my account to what it was before. They did not tell me WHO was compromised so I could avoid them in the future.

Hello everyone!

I have some bad news. Twitch, for whatever reason, has decided to randomly suspend my account for no legitimate reason whatsoever. They claim it was for the following reasons:
  • "Botted or Automated Account"
    • "Posting large amounts of unsolicited advertisements, malicious links, or general spam with a botted/automated account."
Twitch apparently thinks I purchased a viewbot. That ... makes literally ZERO sense. I've never even GOOGLED those sites, let alone browse TO them.

This is NOT the case. I don't even go to other channels except for a very few select streams I consider friends. So either one of them suddenly decided to hate on me and report me for an illegitimate reason, or Twitch is claiming (falsely) that my account was used to advertise/spam in other channels. I don't even USE the Messages feature on Twitch!

I have filed an appeal, and if they do not accept the appeal, we will be unable to stream until SharePlay releases and grants me access to their beta. So, I would be prepared for no streams for a few weeks, guys! We don't know the exact date, but SharePlay is coming out in "the coming weeks," according to their announcement. Hopefully, they'll grant us early access to stream there and be among their first streamers, due to this very ... dumb choice on Twitch's part.

Note: I've been also having issues with PayPal and TikTok. Someone may be trying to hack into my accounts and ruin the community.
Bear in mind: We only ban people who are not following our rules and obtain MULTIPLE strikes. They need to have ~3 strikes of not obeying our rules to get a ban. As a PG community, we have to be more strict than other communities. It's a requirement for a Clean, PG community.

Due to this insanely stupid choice made by Twitch, there will be no more streams until SharePlay releases!

No More Twitch Login (Consideration)

I was considering adding in Twitch login, but with this stupid choice on the part of Twitch, this is no longer possible to do. We will no longer be considering adding support for Twitch login to Mesozoic Haven.
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And if you have had any subscriptions to Kenson's Twitch account, they are automatically canceled with NO REFUNDS given back to you.

So, basically, I just lost $6 for a subscription, and I will NOT be supporting Twitch anymore. Not even to watch streams there anymore.

It's one thing to do what they did, but when it comes to not giving back refunds, that's where I draw the line.

I understand it may be out of their control, but keep in mind, I have a strict income so I have to spend my money wisely each month.