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Heya, fellow dino friends!

I've set up the built-in Discord AutoMod, so it may need tweaking over time. I've disabled the mee6 word filter, but currently have the other mee6 automatic moderation settings enabled like link filters and the (Discord) invite blocker.

If you have any suggestions for the AutoMod for word filters, send them to me in a DM since the bot may catch it before you can send it.

I am also still looking into a regular series to put on a channel, whether on YouTube or through audio podcasts. If I go with the audio podcast route, I'd love to find a regular co-host, and we could have guest stars every so often. The topics would be primarily related to dinosaur media. Things like dinosaur games, the Jurassic franchise, and similar.

If I go the route of YouTube, the more and more (and more) I think about it, doing something related to dinosaurs that is not gaming, that might be optimal. That way, I don't get burnt out with streaming games and recording games. I might be able to do game videos and streams, but I will have to balance it out so I don't get burnt out. The question is . . . what?

Here are some ideas, but I'm more than willing to accept suggestions from you guys!

  • Dinosaur Profiles (Could pair with a blog post, possibly) [These would be very short videos, 5 mins or less on average]
  • ARK Survival series (of sorts) to get going and prepare for ARK 2 videos, when it comes out.
  • Path of Titans series (not sure what on, yet)

PS: If you haven't joined the website here, you can easily register with Discord on the Login/Register page!
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