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What is Your Favorite Dog Breed

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Baby Dino
Dino Bones
I have raised a couple of breeds such as Tibetan Mastiff, Tibetan Apso, German Shephard, and a few other crossbreeds. Based on my experience, Tibetan Mastiffs are excellent for protection (they are usually used as shepherd dogs in the mountainous region of my home country). Tibetan Apso are very cute, they are good for hanging out in your house. German Shephard makes an excellent outdoor friend.
Offtopic: (delayed with family in hospital recently)

I would have to say my parents doggo. She's a shepard/kelpie mix, I think.
I never really had my own dog before. I've always wanted a cavalier king charles spaniel, they are so cute and typically well tempered. :love: I always thought a big dog would be cool too, but I wouldn't want them on my furniture, so I know I can't handle having a too large of a breed.
I grew up with all sorts of dogs, but my top 3 favorite breeds are Beagles, Rottweilers, and Huskies. Pit bulls and German shephards are really close to the top 3 😁
Beagles are cute!

Pit Bulls get a bad rep ... my aunt had one before it passed, and she was one of the sweetest dogs I've known!

My parents have a german shepard/kelpie mix (IIRC its kelpie, but shepard for sure).
I'm more of a cat guy but there are a few dog breeds I like. My favorite has to be huskies, I like how they through tantrums when they have to do things they don't like. xD They'll start howling and barking in protest! I also like Pomeranian dogs too, they look like cute little puff balls!
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Like this? LOL

Lol definitely like that! I like to call them giant babies whenever I watch videos of them. xD I remember growing up in a trailer park and the park manager had a husky who had heterochromia. I can't remember what his name was though, but he was a nice dog.
It's definitely going to be German Shepherd. My current dog is a German shepherd and I'm not sure if I would get another breed of dog. He's been everything that I wanted in a dog, so I'm very good 100% with that breed.
My fav dog breed def goes to the Labrador Retriever. Best cuddlers, very loyal, and just the sweetest dogs ever.

Zoey was the best chocolate Labrador Retriever ever, even as she passed away over a year ago now.