Herrerasaurus: A Cute, But Dangerous Dino

Herrerasaurus Basics

The Herrerasaurus was a very light, bipedal carnivore that lived in the late Triassic period. Their overall size was about 6 meters, with a skull approx. 56cm in size. It was very light, being less than 1000 Lbs in weight. Its full name is Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis. Try saying that all the time! Herrera(saurus) is much easier to say, haha.

It was originally found in the Ischgualasto Formation in Northwest Argentina, approximately 230 million years ago.

Quick Facts

Discovery Of Herrerasaurus

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The Herrera (for short) was named by paleontologist Osvaldo Rieg. The region where the Herrera was found also yielded dinosaurs like the Eoraptor. They originally believed this dinosaur was an early example of a carnosaur, but it was very much debated over the years and in 1970, it was reclassified as a prosauropod, and then in 1972, as not diagnosable beyond being a Saurischian dinosaur.

Herrerasaurus' Description

The Herrera had strong limbs indicating it was likely a strong and swift runner. Its tail was fairly stiff, which most likely helped it with keeping a faster speed while running. Its fingers on its hands were short, and had curved claws which most likely helped it grab its prey more easily.

It had a long, narrow skull that lacked certain characteristics that later dinosaurs had, like the Euparkeria. It had two antorbital fenstrae, and a pair of tiny (1 cm) slit-like holes for its nose.

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Media/Games Including Herrerasaurus

The game The Isle has an Herrerasaurus that’s normally unplayable on Legacy, only accessible if an server admin modifies your character file to change you to the Herrera. Jurassic Park mentions this dinosaur but it was never shown on-screen in the original movies. There is a small hint of one in the Lockwood Manor in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, so go rewatch the movie and see if you can find it!