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About Us

Mesozoic Haven’s Beginnings

​The Mesozoic Haven community started under a completely different name, Jurassic Kingdoms. While I loved that name (and Mesozoic Haven), Universal decided to name one of their movies Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom — which we figured “Hey, that’ll be hard to rank for in searches,” so we decided to rebrand to something different; thus Mesozoic Haven was born!

Our community originally started with the old name back in around 2016 or so. We got our original footing back on the (later Mixer) platform. Gosh, we loved that platform. Sad that it shut down, but we are glad that a new platform, SharePlay, is being launched! We highly recommend checking out the SharePlay website and Registering your PlayTag/username! You can watch me (Kenson) now, between Twitch and SharePlay!

Mesozoic Haven’s Future Plans

​We have lots of plans for the future! Some of these include having a bunch of game servers in dinosaur-related games l like ARK Survival, Path of Titans, The Isle, and others! And of course, newer dinosaur games as they come out, like Deathground possibly (unless they use a P2P system). We want to have a bunch of servers with a “clean rule set” so you can expect friendly-natured people in all the servers in general!

We also plan to hopefully be able to support our Admins and Moderators down the road, by giving them some incentives down the road, like Steam/Xbox/Nintendo Gift Cards and similar. That will be down the road, once it’s affordable without negatively impacting our community game servers!

Have a Question?

Check out our FAQ page to see if it’s been answered! If not, feel free to Contact Us!