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Welcome to the Haven! This is the official website of the Mesozoic Haven community & KensonPlays! We’re a community that loves gaming, dinosaurs, dragons, Sci-Fi, and much more! Our main focus is to provide a clean environment for people of all ages. We do our best to keep language completely out of the Discord, streams, videos, and everything else! Because of this, we have filters in place on our various platforms to keep things as safe as we can.

We hope you enjoy your stay here in our community. If you have any questions, concerns, or opportunities for our community, please visit the Contact page to get a hold of the proper people! We will get a hold of you as soon as we can, unless other pressing matters take priority. Don’t forget to check out our YouTube & Twitch content!

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Velociraptor - Great Starter Dino

The Velociraptor – A Great Starter Dino!

Beast of Bermuda’s Velociraptor (also known as Velo) is a great starter dinosaur. You can either take on medium-sized dinos (or if you want to risk it, a Tyrannosaurus Rex) solo or with a pack of Velos working together. This dinosaur is designed for group play since they are small, have less health than even

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Beasts of Bermuda - Acrocanthosaurus

The Amazing Acrocanthosaurus – Survival & Playstyle Tips

Beast of Bermuda’s Acro (Full name: Acrocanthosaurus) is one of the toughest dinos available in BoB. It’s a bit faster than the Icthyovenator, is the highest damaging dinosaur, super high health, and is the biggest of any carnivore in the game. It can hunt Apatosaurus & Parasaurolophus fairly easily on its own and can inflict

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