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Welcome to the Haven!

Please take a bit, browse around and see what we have to offer! Once you are done, we highly recommend registering with Discord so your Discord avatar syncs with the site! Any of the social logins work, but we recommend signing up with Discord!

Welcome To The Haven!

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Welcome to the Mesozoic Haven, friend! We hope you are enjoying your stay. Suppose you want to join our friendly little community. In that case, you can register via your favorite social network (some are active, we will add more when plugins become available). We warmly welcome you to our little corner of the interwebz. Mesozoic Haven is a community that primarily enjoys dinosaurs, but we have discussions on many games, media, and more! Not restricted to dinosaurs only, although that's our primary focus.

Please take a moment to read over our rules, which will help you get up to speed on what to expect. This website was converted from WordPress to XenForo, which allows us to combine a website with a blog. In addition to a set of Forums discussion boards to discuss any topic on your mind. You can also join our server to hang out with us in a more lively manner. Forums like this are great for long-term conversations that are more permanent than the Instant Message feel of Discord & .

We have pages for Path of Titans commands, ARK Survival commands (WIP), About Us, and a few other pages in the works.

Dinos, Dino ... Dinos?​

We're assuming since you're here at the Mesozoic Haven, you're interested in dinosaurs in some manner. That's what the Mesozoic Haven is all about. Dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts. We also have sections to discuss Dragons/Wyverns & Monsters (mainly Monster Hunter-type). Do you like ARK Survival? The Isle? Path of Titans? Or even smaller indie titles like Dinosaur Fossil Hunter? You're free to discuss all these topics here!

Click on each game title link to go directly to its related board!

Why Should You Join The Haven?​

We think you should join us here at the Mesozoic Haven because if you're here, you most likely have an interest in dinosaurs. That's what we're primarily about! True, we do have other discussion areas that are unrelated to dinosaurs. Still, our primary focus is on Dinosaur media (games, movies, tv, books) and educational content (blogs, etc.).

Hopefully, you'll be willing to browse around for a bit. Register on the forums here and join in the conversation! Registering is as easy as 2 clicks, essentially. You can click "Register" and then pick which social media account you want. Click, authorize, and choose your username. Done! Then you can sign in on any device with 2 clicks "Login > Social account," and you're in!


If you have questions, please contact an Administrator. Suppose you are someone who is wondering how we manage user data. In that case, you can rest assured that we do not give out any information on any users unless we're required to by law enforcement authorities. Do not worry if you are a parent wondering if our community is safe for your child. We've always been a PG community, but we strive to be as close to G as we can. We have word filters set up on our website here and will tweak it as needed whenever we see reports of people getting around said filters.

We will update this page slowly over time, as needed. Look at some of the more recent gallery pictures from our community!
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