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Path of Titans Commands List

Today we wanted to share with you some useful commands both for Community Servers and for Singleplayer! We hope this post helps you to manage your Path of Titans server or singleplayer worlds more effectively! We will be listing both Public and Admin commands. Be aware that if it’s in the “Admin” heading, it will only work in Single-player or if you have Admin permissions on a server.

Player Commands

  • /rules – Displays the server rules
  • /motd – Displays the Message of the Day
  • /respawn – Kills yourself and respawns (must be alive for 5 minutes)
  • /mapbug – Copies info to submit a map bug
  • /bugsnap – Loads a menu to submit a bug snapshot.
  • /mute /unmute (user) – Mutes or unmutes a specified user. Only for self, not server.
  • /w /whisper (user) (message) – Whispers a specified user. If no name provided, defaults to previous user.

Administrator Commands

The remainder of the commands on this page are for server Administrators only. Regular players will not be able to run these unless the servers custom roles allow them access to specific permissions.

Common CMDs

  • /weather [clear/fog/rain/storm/overcast/cloudy] - Changes the weather to the specified form.
  • /heal none/(User) - Heals yourself or another player.
  • /healall - Heals everyone.
  • /announce (message) - Announces messages to everyone on the server.
  • /clearbodies - Clears bodies on the map. Very useful for 1v1 Fight Nights, for example!
  • /clear - Clears the server chat.
  • /setmarks (user/self) (amount) - Sets a users marks, or don't specify a name to apply to self. Seems to max out at 999,999,999. This is useful for rewarding participants/winners of events.
  • /goto - Takes you to a location or player. Example: /goto spinedlizardlagoon -OR- /goto PlayerName. Type /listpoi to see a full list of Points of Interest on the map your on.
  • /godmode – Makes you invunerable from taking damage, or losing food and water (admin)
  • /servermute (username/AGID) (time) (admin reason) (user reason) – Time Example: 20m, 6h, 3d – If 0 given, lasts forever. | (Usage: /servermute ID 30m “Overtly Swearing” “Excessive swears, when rules say minimal.”)

Player Management

  • /mute (name) - Mutes a player.
  • /unmute (name) - Unmutes a player.
  • /kick (name) - Kicks a player from server.
  • /ban (name) - Bans a player from server.
  • /unban (name) - Unbans a player from server.
  • /bring (name) - Brings a player to you.
  • /bringall - Brings entire server to you. Use with caution, unless you mean it.
  • /teleport (name) - Teleports a player to you.
  • /teleportall - Teleports entire server to you.
  • /stamina - Sets a players stamina.
  • /health - Sets a players health.
  • /hunger - Sets a players hunger.
  • /thirst - Sets a players thirst.
  • /oxygen - Sets a players oxygen.
  • /promote (name) - Promotes a player to the next rank.
  • /demote (name) - Demotes a player to the previous rank.
  • /editquests - Edits a player's quests.
  • /givequest - Gives a player a quest.
  • /modattr - Adds value to a specified attribute. [EG: /modattr health 1]
  • /setattr - Sets value to a specified attribute. [EG: /setattr growth (name) 1 ~Fullgrown] [EG: /setattr growth (name) 0.3 ~Juvenile]

Time & Weather

  • /morning - Sets time to morning.
  • /day - Sets time to day.
  • /night - Sets time to night.
  • /timeofday - Alternate way to set time of day (morning, day, night, etc)
  • /weather [clear/fog/rain/storm/overcast/cloudy] - Changes the weather to the specified form.

Server Management

  • /load - Loads the server.
  • /save - Saves the server.
  • /restart X - Restarts server after X seconds specified in command.
  • /cancelrestart - Cancels currently active restart countdown.
  • /profileserver (start/stop) - Starts server profiling. Useful to debug things.

Less Common

  • /listwaters - Lists waters, so you can use the following command:
  • /waterquailty (water) (1-100) - Sets water quality of specified water source.
  • /listwaystones - Lists all waystones.
  • /waystonecooldown - Sets current cooldown of waystones.
  • Published
    May 13, 2022
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