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Community Rules

Please take a few moments to read over our Community Rules! It only takes 2-3 minutes!

These apply to all areas of our community, including the Website, Discord, and any game servers we run! We may have some specific rules for specific areas of the website, like the Venting & Introductions channels. These are listed at the bottom!

No Swearing Rules
  • We are a PG-rated community! This means we do not allow any swear words, or foul language in our community, at all! Please keep this foremost in mind when participating in the Mesozoic Haven community!​
  • We count acronyms as foul words, as well. This includes “LMAO” and others that have swear words in them, but that are not directly sworn.​
No Spamming

Do not attempt to spam anywhere in our community! Here are some specific examples to get you started:

  • On the forums, this means double (or more) posting. Please edit your messages, unless it has been a full 24 hours between your messages.
  • On Discord, don’t spam tons of messages at once just to level up on the XP bot. A few messages are fine, but if you are consistently posting messages non-stop, or repeated copies of the same message, we’ll consider that spam too.​
  • In our game servers, the “spam rules” are a bit more lax, but we still do not want swears in-game on our servers!​
No Self-Promo

Please don’t promote your content in our community, unless you have the Content Creators role (or Streamer role).

Requirements for Verified Creator roles:
(Those with Verified Creator get auto posts when they go live, post videos, etc)

  • Streamers: 500 Followers (non-PG); 250 PG
  • YouTubers: 750 Subscribers (non-PG); 250 PG
English Preferred

We would prefer it if you speak English here. This is what 99% of us understand! If you do not speak English, you are free to use a translator tool like Google Translate to get your idea across! This will help make the staff’s jobs much easier!

No Bad Username/PFP

If you have an inappropriate status message or avatar, you will get a warning. If you do not change it, we will kick you from the server as your first offense, and if you return without having changed it, we will perform a ban.

Some things we consider inappropriate (not a full list):

  1. NSFW Pictures
  2. NSFW Slang
  3. Body parts (like clothing removed, or private parts)
  4. Nazi imagery
No Controversy

We do not want any controversial topics posted here on the Mesozoic Haven! This is a family-safe community, after all! Topics that are not allowed to be discussed here (feel free to talk about it in DM privately, but not publicly):

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Evolution -VS- Creation; only facts!
No Alt Accounts

ALT Accounts are not allowed! We are not a roleplay community! This is also an extremely common ban evasion tactic. If you are found to be using alt accounts, both will be given warnings, and when an action is taken for a rule break, both main and all alt accounts will be given the same action taken against them. This includes kicks from Discord, game servers, and bans as the final action.

Misc. Rules

Here are our misc rules that apply to specific areas, like Media Gallery, and other specific sections.

Venting Channel Rules

  1. Keep things PG! | Even though you’re able to vent here, it must still be kept PG!
  2. Keep your thread civil! | Don’t attack other members publicly. That is “Witch hunting” and we don’t allow that in venting channels. Take it to DM with our staff!

Gallery Upload Rules

  • IF the Image is AI-Generated, YOU MUST TAG IT AS SUCH! | Failure to add an “AI” or “AI-generated” tag (both preferably) will result in the image being taken down if we find out it’s AI-generated; a warning will be given, and you will lose 100 Bones per AI-generated mistagged image.
  • Keep all images SFW! | We do not allow NSFW images in our gallery. NSFW includes obvious content like adult material, but it also includes things like “gore” (aka bodily injuries).