Mesozoic Haven

Welcome, friend! Please enjoy your visit to the Mesozoic Haven. We highly recommend connecting and joining our community here via a social network like Twitter, Google, Discord, or others!

You can then post messages to our boards here!

  • Connected Accounts Are Acting Glitchy

    Currently dealing with some registration issues in regards to connected accounts! Registering and then connecting accounts seems to work fine, though.


Main Rules
  1. No Swearing!
    This is our most important rule for you to please follow. Since we are a Clean/Family-Friendly community, we do not allow swearing of any type in Discord, Guilded, Stream chat, or Game-servers. Please obey this rule, and things should be nice and happy for you! We aren’t 100% Family-Friendly community, but we don’t allow swearing in it.

    Even minor swears aren't allowed here. You can, however, say things like "Darn" or "Drat" or such instead.
  2. No Spamming!
    Please do not attempt to spam in our community! The only acceptable areas to kind of spam are #mysterious-beyond on Discord & Guilded, and from a stream raid. On-stream: Spamming is not allowed on-stream either. The only exception is when we get a raid, you can spam the raid call or something like #DEFEND!

    We consider all of the following as "spam":
    • Repeated copies of the same message.
    • Repeated copies of an emoticon.
    • Mass-mentioning our members.
  3. No Self-Promo or Advertising!
    Please do not self-promote your own content in our community! The only people that have permission to promote their content are the people with the @Content Creators role!

    In short:

    • Streamers: 500 Followers (doesn't matter platform)
    • YouTubers: 500 Subscribers (we can make exceptions, if your PG or FamilyFriendly!)
    • Artists: As long as you are active and keep your public artwork Safe For Work, you're good! (private art can be whatever)
  4. English Please!
    Everyone in our community speaks primarily English. If your primary language isn’t English, and you do understand English, we would greatly appreciate your using English while interacting with our community.
    If you are using a translation service to read this, please continue to use it to translate your messages to English. Even if it isn’t perfect syntax, we should get the idea of what you’re saying to us.
"Minor" Rules
  1. No Inappropriate Status'
    Please do not use inappropriate status messages on our Discord. If you don’t change it to be appropriate, you will be warned, and if you continue to use inappropriate status messages, you will be kicked, then banned.
    This includes using combinations of our main rules, above!
  2. No Posting Private DMs!
    No posting private DMs! This is pretty self-explanatory. Please don’t post private messages publicly unless all parties involved are okay with it.