Important Community Rules

Please take a moment to read over our community's rules, and check here for any updates! These rules are crucial to our community to keep things as friendly as possible!

This page will update faster than other areas of our community. If you see any glitches with our Guilded bot . . . screenshot it & send to a moderator, and admins if mods are not available. 

Rules Last Updated: 1/27/2023
Reverted back to PG from PG13 (was temporary for less than a month)

Max PG Rating!

Please don’t use language anywhere in our community. On Guilded, in our game-servers, or on-stream! In voice, if it slips, it’s ok as long as Kenson isn’t live or recording. When not recording or live, once in a while slips are ok. If he’s actively recording or streaming, they aren’t allowed until done. 

NO Spamming!

Please don’t attempt to spam our channels on Guilded, or in our game servers. The only exception to this rule is on-stream raids from other channels. The following is “spam-like:”

  • Repeating the same message over and over
  • Mention spam (common with spambots)
  • Non-stop sending messages without giving others a chance to respond.

English Preferred Please!

Our community is 99% English-based. Please use English wherever possible. If needed, you can use Google Translate to get your general idea through of what you want to say. Thanks! 

NO Self-Promo/Advertising

This applies to YouTube videos and streams (Twitch & YT) that you make. If it’s artwork, feel free to post it in the media gallery best suited for it (but kept SFW!) 

Controversial Topics To A Minimum!

We would rather have no controversial discussions, where possible. This includes topics like evolution-vs-creation, religious topics, and similar. We don’t want those sorts of heated discussions in our community. They can cause a lot of tension between people sometimes. If you want to discuss these topics, we’d prefer you to take it to DM between all parties involved. 

No Inappropriate Avatars & Status!

This is a rule that applies to our Guilded server & comments on this blog. We do not want inappropriate avatars or status messages (shown to all in the sidebar) in our community. If it is not PG-13 rated or under, we’d appreciate a change on it. Examples of avatars can include certain body parts showing, or words that are not PG-13 as the avatar. Examples of status messages can include but are not limited to:

  • Racial slurs
  • Non-pg-13 words
  • Targetting specific users
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