Community Rules

These are our official community rules! Please take a moment to read over this. This applies EVERYWHERE in our community, including Game Servers & Guilded!

Rules Last Updated: 2/2/2023 (readability tweaks)

Rules 1 noswear

We are a PG-rated community! This means we do not want any swear words/foul language to be said in our community. Please be aware of this. Even acronyms that refer to Non-PG words count, as well. This includes “ROFLMAO” and “LMAO” (and others that refer to bad words).

Rules 2 nospam

Please do not attempt to spam our channels. If you have no mic, you can use the text channel linked with the voice channel, if available. The following we consider spam: Repeating the same message over and over, mass mentioning other users (try to limit it to 2 or 3 at most), and annoying other members.

Spamming is not allowed on-stream either. The only exception is stream raids! (not bot raids)

Rules 3 NoSelfPromo

Please don’t promote your own content in our community, unless you have the Content Creators roles (or sub-roles).
Requirements for Verified Creator roles:
(Those with Verified Creator get auto posts when they go live, post videos, etc)

  • Streamers: 500 Followers (non-PG); 250 PG
  • YouTubers: 750 Subscribers (non-PG); 250 PG

We do not want any alt-accounts in our community. This is a common practice for ban evasion. If you are found to be using an Alt account, both accounts will be warned at the same time when an action is taken for a rule break, and if you break one of our rules, both main and all alt accounts will be banned at the same time.

Rules 4 englishpref

We would prefer it if you speak English here, as that’s what 99% of us understand! If you do not speak English and are using a translator tool like Google Translate, please continue to do so. We should get a general idea of what you’re trying to say!

Rules 5 no inapp ava

If you have an inappropriate status message or avatar, you will get a warning. (~2 warnings per strike)

We consider NSFW pictures or slang, and private body parts, as inappropriate. We also consider Nazi imagery inappropriate and will also apply strikes.

Rules 6 controversy

We would rather no controversial topic discussions, wherever possible. But if it’s not avoidable, some minimal discussion is fine, as long as it doesn’t turn into a heated discussion where people are arguing back and forth.

One particular topic that is NOT allowed to be discussed, no matter what: Politics

If you want to get into a lengthy discussion about these topics (religion, evolution-vs-creation), send the other party/parties a DM/group DM to keep discussing in private.

Some conversation, a little bit, here and there is fine, but for long-term discussions, please move to a DM or another server where those topics are allowed to be discussed in more detail

Thanks For Taking a Few Moments To Read Our Rules!

If you have any questions, please use our Contact page!

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