Community Rules

These rules below apply to the community as a whole! This means that they apply in all areas of our community. This website, Discord, community game-servers (once we have some), and all other areas of this community. We hope you enjoy your stay here, but these rules below need to be followed for you to not get warned. We use a 4 strike system with our community. If you get 3 strikes, the next strike, you’re out!

No Swearing!

We are an PG community! In text channels on Discord, on the stream etc, it should be easy enough to remove any foul language from your messages. This rule is hard to put a ‘strike trigger’ on, but as long as you don’t use swear words in our text/voice channels, you should be perfectly fine.

No Spamming!

Please do your best to not spam. If you truly feel the need to spam, in our Discord, use the #mysterious_beyond channel. This way those who don’t want to see spam can mute the channel. This does not mean that you can do actual spam messages similar to spam-bots. This means spamming commands, and that sort of thing. Thanks for keeping this in mind.

English Please!

Everyone in our community speaks primarily English. If your primary language isn’t English, and you do understand English, we would greatly appreciate your using English while interacting with our community. If you are using a translation service to read this, please continue to use it to translate your messages to English. Even if it isn’t perfect syntax, we should get the idea of what your are saying to us.

No Begging/Advertising!

Please do not beg for roles, in-game items, or the like. This is greatly frowned upon and will lower your chances of getting said item, instead of increasing them. Ask nicely, and you may receive (does not apply to roles)! 😉

Please do not advertise in any area of our community. If you have a Creator, Streamer, or Affiliate role , you may, though. These roles have been given explicit permission to post their links. They have earned it by following the rules, or in the case of Affiliates, have partnered with us to mutually grow our communities.

Posting download links are also considered advertising. Since we have no idea if it is something you posted, uploaded, created, or the like. Please ask any Tyrant if you want your videos to be posted in the #vids channel of the Discord. There are some requirements, both for YouTubers, and for Streamers.

Additional "Minor" Rules

  1. Please do not use inappropriate status messages on Discord. If you don’t make it appropriate, you will be warned, then kicked.
  2. No Posting Private DMs – Pretty self explanitory. Please do not post messages from private conversations unless the other party gives the go-ahead.
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