Mesozoic Haven

Welcome to the Haven!

Please take a bit, browse around and see what we have to offer! Once you are done, we highly recommend registering with Discord so your Discord avatar syncs with the site! Any of the social logins work, but we recommend signing up with Discord!


  1. 3 Strikes, You're Out!

    We run on a 3 strike system to keep things as clean as possible!

    Here's some examples on what different actions trigger as:
    • 2 Strikes | Selling illegal items will instantly bring you to strike 2, which means next infraction will result in a ban.
    • 1 Strike | Repeated swearing & avoidance of the word censor brings you up one strike each.
    • 1-2 Strikes | Posting NSFW materials, depending on how severe it is, will give you 1 or 2 strikes each.
Main Rules
  1. No Swearing!
    We do not allow swearing in our community, at all! Please do not attempt to swear, as you will be given 3 strikes, unless it's very severe which may trigger 2 in one.

    This is a NON-SWEARING community, and we do not allow swearing anywhere. Not in the Forums, Discord, OR In-Game!
  2. No Spamming!
    Please do not spam in our community. We consider spamming to be any of the following:
    • Repeated copies of same message.
    • Tons of emotes (a few in a row is fine, but not a lot!)
    • "Raiding" the community (except when a streamer ends and passes on their viewers)
  3. No Self Promo!
    Please do not promote your channels, unless you have the Creator, Streamer, or staff roles!
    Requirements for these roles are, in short:
    • Streamer: 500 Followers (can make exceptions if your strictly PG/G)
    • Creator: 250 Subscribers (this is to show to us you've put some effort in. Can make exceptions if your PG/G!)
    • Artist: Be active, create SFW art. We don't allow posting any NSFW art here, and if your primarily NSFW, we won't grant the role. You can post outside our community your other artwork, but not inside.
  4. English Please!
    Our community primarily speaks English. Please keep your messages in English even if you need to use a translation service. This will help us keep things readable.
  5. No Illegal Sales of Items
    Please do not sell any materials that could fall under a legal grey area, or that are illegal! Doing so will immediately result in your item being removed and purged from our systems, and will bring you up to a level 3 infraction right away, meaning the next violation will result in a ban. Some examples of things that are illegal to sell:
    • Game Screenshots | Creating screenshots itself technically violates copyright, but essentially all game manufacturers allow it because it's free promotion for their game.
    • Other People's Work | This shouldn't need to be said, but unfortunately it does. It is not legal to sell other people's works.
Minor Rules
  1. No Inappropriate Status'
    Please don't use inappropriate status messages on the Forums, or in our Discord server! This includes swears, NSFW references, and more.
  2. No Private DM Sharing
    Please do not post the contents of a private DM between users unless it's okay with all parties involved, or if it's a rule break, let a moderator know.