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About Kenson

Hello! My name is Kenson, and I’m the owner of Mesozoic Haven!

I have been running this community in one form or another since 2015 or so. We started as Jurassic Kingdoms, but when Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom was released, it tanked our SEO scores (as mentioned on our About page), so we had to come up with a different name. We are still the same community, though!

About Kenson - Bio Pic

I am a Non-Swearing (PG) creator who primarily live streams, and I run the Mesozoic Haven community along with it. You can check out my blog, where I post randomly when I have the time. My primary topic is dinosaur games & entertainment, but I will sometimes post about non-dinosaur stuff, like other franchises I enjoy like How To Train Your Dragon, and other movies. I even wrote about a Clearwater Marine Aquarium pendant I enjoy, since it supports the work of the marine hospital at the aquarium!

I am 30 years old! I live in Texas, but have lived in the greater San Diego CA area for a few years, and grew up in the greater Seattle area of Washington State. I have gone to some interesting places in my life, which I will blog about over time. You will most definitely want to keep a passive eye out for my new blog posts!

Kenson’s Early Content Creation History

​I started my content creation “career” back in mid-2014 or so. That’s when I created my Twitter and YT channels. But I didn’t start taking it seriously until Mixer was released in mid-2016. I instantly fell in love with the platform and was an active streamer there until the week it died. But, fear not! SharePlay is aiming to be the replacement for Mixer we all want!

I was lucky enough to be invited to test their platform a little while back in their early alpha! I am very impressed by what I’m seeing so far from SharePlay and have high hopes for its future (compared to Glimesh, which was another small streaming platform that tried for Mixer vibes, but development was pretty stagnant in the last half of its life).

I was on Twitch streaming for about 6-9 months until I found Mixer. I instantly jumped ship to Mixer and did not look back until its final month of existence. I knew that Twitch was, unfortunately, the only other real option at the time. Especially since I did not trust Facebook to keep my IRL data safe from possible hijacking.

Kenson’s Current Content Creation Plans

​Currently, my primary streaming platform is SharePlay, with Twitch as my secondary platform. I am currently multi-streaming to both, but focusing on SharePlay focusing on Twitch, until clipping is in testing on SharePlay. I highly recommend creating an account there, so you can chat with us! SharePlay has some very interesting features planned, but as an early Alpha Tester, I was put under NDA and I cannot talk about these features unless we get explicit permission from the developers & staff.

Once SharePlay has VODs and Clips, I will probably drop Twitch, at least from a Multi-stream perspective, and focus all of my attention on SharePlay! Another reason to join us on SharePlay while they are developing their platform is to feel like a family to me!

Eventually, I will start uploading to YouTube more, but that is on hold until I can figure out a good regular series that won’t be just a one-off video! Please be patient with me while I’m slowly figuring that out. It will take me some time.

I hope that learning more about Kenson (me), helped you to get to know me better!