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Terra Nova Review Thumbnail

Terra Nova: Spielberg’s Ambitious Journey to the Prehistoric Past

Terra Nova … a show that deserved more than one season, for sure! It was a short-lived series that ran in 2011. This amazing show, executive-produced by Steven Spielberg, had a ton of potential, but unfortunately, it was wasted when it only lasted 1 season. The kids in the show are now over 10 years… 

Allosaurus - Fearsome Predator - Thumbnail

Discovering Allosaurus – The Fearsome Predator of the Late Jurassic

Allosaurus – A Fearsome Predator Imagine this: A predator that’s more fearsome than a lion, more cunning than a wolf, and fairly large. That’s an Allosaurus. It was one of the top predators of the Late Jurassic period. Today, we’ll learn more about this fascinating dinosaur! The Discovery of Allosaurus This dinosaur was discovered in…