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Paleo Pines A Relaxing, Dinosaur Ranching Game!

Are you someone who needs a pleasant, calming & relaxing game with dinosaurs? Your answer may be Paleo Pines! They are a small indie studio making a dinosaur ranching game, and with my early access, I was able to get my gameplay in a week before the demo went public, I must say, the game is worth it, even though it is only in the beta/demo stages.

From my 7.5 hours of gameplay so far, I am in LOVE with this game. I have played through the demo story twice. The second time I got further along with my ranch building than my first time playing. I plan on having an interview with one of the Paleo Pines team members that will be published on the site soon! Keep an eye out for that, and maybe some more tidbits about the game will come with it.​

When Will Paleo Pines Be Released?​

I will be getting early access to the full game, and recording/publishing some YT vids for ya’ll! Embargo lifts around the 12th of September, 2023. I will be posting a video or two starting on that date! The game fully releases on the 26th to the public, though!

The official Paleo Pines release date is on September 26th, but the demo is available RIGHT NOW! Go ahead, give it a watch, and see all the cuteness that’s coming to the gaming world in late September!

If you want to see how my second playthrough of the demo went, here is my stream archive that you can watch! Feel free to watch it all the way through, which is recommended. We did skip the dialogue on this playthrough since we already read it all the first time through.
(it is 3 hr, and 45 minutes or so, just so you know!)

What Is The Estimated Paleo Pines Price?​

We do not have concrete pricing information yet (will update this once we do)! We have an estimate that it will likely be around the $20 to $30 mark, but as there is no released pricing info, we have to make do with a guestimate for now. (Kenson’s opinion) I am personally hoping it will be closer to the $20 mark. They can always add extra paid DLC for more regions and creatures down the road, and I will be buying those, of course.​

What Is Paleo Pines About?​

This game is all about providing a very relaxing, chill game with some vibes of Animal Crossing, Ranching Simulators, and dinosaurs, all combined (in my opinion, at least)! I am in love with this amazing game, and it is still only in a demo state!

By the way, I will be making a series of videos when the game comes out in September, but I am keeping it a surprise for you all! Keep an eye out for that on my YouTube channel at the end of September! Paleo Pines is a game that we hope you will enjoy, especially if you love dinosaurs as much as we do here at Mesozoic Haven. Don’t hesitate to join our Discord server to hang out with us and chat about Paleo Pines, and other dino games!

Frequently Asked Questions – Paleo Pines​

Paleo Pines Dinosaurs – What Will They Have?​

They currently have 29 confirmed dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures planned!

Will We Be Able to Breed Our Dinos?​

No. There is no breeding available in the game. And since there is no breeding, there will be no mutation system. However, some dinosaur patterns and colors are rarer than others!​

Can We Name Our Dinos?​

YES! You can name, and rename, all of your dinosaurs, except Lucky. You can do so in your journal.​

How Many Dinos Can I Have?​

Technically, you can tame as many as you want. But . . . there is a limit on Dreamstones throughout the map. So long term, there is a finite limit on how many you can have on a more permanent basis.​

How Will The Dinosaurs Sound?​

All dinosaurs in Paleo Pines will have a more cutesy sound design. Larger dinosaurs tend to have a big, low, honking-type sound. Smaller dinosaurs, on the other hand, will have chirps, trills, and similar!​

Will My Dinosaurs Die?​

NO! They will not! They do not get sick, but if you forget to feed and take care of them, they may decide to leave your ranch. They will also never attack and kill each other! A perfect game for little kids! This means young children will not have to be sad that their creatures will die!​

Will There Be Multiplayer or Co-op?​

No. Paleo Pines is intended to be a Singleplayer experience. They do have it in their mind, so in the future, a co-op experience could happen. (Kenson’s opinion) It could be in the style of Stardew Valley, or a trading system. But we have no confirmation on this as of yet.​

What Platforms Will Paleo Pines Be On?​

This game is confirmed to be released on the following platforms:​

  • Steam (PC) [And SteamDeck]​
  • Xbox (One & Series)​
  • PlayStation (4 & 5)​
  • Nintendo Switch​

Interview For Paleo Pines Coming Soon!​

Keep an eye on our blog! I have sent off interview questions to one of the Paleo Pines team members and am waiting to hear back from them to put together the interview post for this amazing game that has so much potential. I would highly recommend wishlisting the game on Steam!​

Content I Have Planned For Paleo Pines​

I have plans to make videos relating to every dinosaur in the game, which at the time of writing this post, is 29 confirmed dinosaurs! You will have to wait and see how each video comes about! Some will come at the beginning of September to start hyping up the game with dinosaurs available in the demo!

I cannot wait to share these videos with you, but as mentioned earlier, I do want to keep it a surprise so we can hopefully be the first channel to do videos of this type! If you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel, please do so, and turn on the notification bell to “ALL” so you can be notified when these videos (and others) go up!​

We warmly welcome you to join us on Discord, and on Kenson’s live streams, weekly on Mon, Wed, Fri @ 5 PM CST!
We don’t bite … much!

We’d love to have you come and join the pack today, on both Discord & Live!

Kenson M

Kenson M

Owner of Mesozoic Haven since 2015, when it was previously known as Jurassic Kingdoms. Is a family-friendly content livestreamer and lives in Texas.View Author posts

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