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My New Job – Subway, Eat Fresh!

Today was my first shift at my new job at Subway. The manager is pretty friendly, and she gives all part-timers a free 6″ sub combo at the end of every shift. I mostly did dishwashing and front-end washing of the tables and stuff today.

It may be a couple of shifts before I start making sandwiches, though. Even dishwashers share in the shift’s tips jar! So when it was divided evenly, we all got $3 in tips during my 3-hour shift.

My current weekly schedule at my job is:

  • Mon 11a – 2p
  • Thurs 11a – 2p
  • Wed 11a – 2p
  • Fri 11a – 2p

It’s not much, but it will give me a little bit of “fun money” to spend on things, like possibly a new ARK Survival Ascended server or something for our community! The ARK server would be locked to Twitch subs/Patreon subs/Discord Subs, all at the $5+ tier, and those I handpick to gain access.

This job is very minimal income, but it will allow me to be able to actually get new games once in a while, upgrade my internet back to where it was hopefully, as well as other things as I figure them out.

Today’s stream will be a fairly chill-ish Hardcore Minecraft Singleplayer. Looking forward to hanging out with you!

We warmly welcome you to join us on Discord, and on Kenson’s live streams, weekly on Mon, Wed, Fri @ 5 PM CST!
We don’t bite … much!

We’d love to have you come and join the pack today, on both Discord & Live!

Kenson M

Kenson M

Owner of Mesozoic Haven since 2015, when it was previously known as Jurassic Kingdoms. Is a family-friendly content livestreamer and lives in Texas.View Author posts

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It’s really cool that you have a part time job that can help you earn some extra cash! Have you started making sandwiches for customers yet? Also have you been enjoying your new job? Subway is one of my favorite sub restaurants!

Fave Dino

Not working during weekends is nice as you get to relax and reflect while preparing for what comes during the week. This is simply a good job to be in as far as I am concerned.


Subway is one of my favorite place that I go to eat once in a while. I try as much as possible to hit up there at least twice a week. You’re lucky to have Manager who’s very friendly. It will make your work easy.

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