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If you want a more detailed page with tables to easily read the available & useful in-game commands, we highly recommend checking out our commands page!

On the Commands page, we have both player commands. We also have Server or Admin commands for you Path of Titans system admins!

But here are a few of the most likely commands you will use as a Path of Titans player!

  • /respawn | Running this command will force your character to be slain, and respawns you at one of the pre-defined spawn points. Very useful if you get stuck and you need to be unstuck.
  • /mute playername | This mutes another player for yourself, not others. Type /unmute playername to unmute the player.
  • /whisper playername message | Messages a user privately. You can use /w playername message as an alias/shortform for easy remembering.

For our fellow Path of Titans server admins, we recommend checking out the commands page, listed above. Scroll down to the second table, and all your many, many, useful commands will be listed there!

Path of Titans Server Hosting Recommendations

We highly recommend, if possible, going with a “Gaming” VPS or a Dedicated server. Those will provide better performance over hosts like G-Portal, PingPerfect, and others. But if you can’t afford a VPS or Dedicated server . . . we recommend going with G-Portal or PingPerfect first. We’ve personally had bad experiences with Citadel Servers. In the past, they’ve scammed us and taken our money, without ever fixing our server or answering any of our tickets (that’s right, we got no response from our ticket).

We are looking into multiple VPS or Dedicated server options for you, and will update this page with any links we gather!

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