What Is Path of Titans?

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What is Path of Titans?

pot_logo_mid.png The game Path of Titans, developed and published by Alderon Games, is an amazing dinosaur survival simulator. Between the "main 3" games of PoT (short form), The Isle, and Beasts of Bermuda, this game excels at its cross-play and modding capabilities. Whereas The Isle excels more at visuals, and Beasts of Bermuda excels at nesting/talent trees and natural disasters.

Why Should You Play Path of Titans?

There are many reasons to give PoT a try (they have a limited free version/trial on mobile & consoles)! Though I would have to say the best aspects of PoT are the fact that it's cross-play, and has modding. And yes, modding is available on consoles too! This means you can play with your friends on different devices. If you prefer playing on your PC, but your friend does not have a powerful PC, but they have an Xbox, you can still play together!

The game is also in very active development, they regularly push updates multiple times a year. Whereas, The Isle currently is very slow with updates on their revamp, Evrima. We believe it took around a full year to make some tweaks to gore from bodies, and some skinning changes. That is worryingly slow.

What Does Path of Titans Excel at?

Alderon Games is doing its best to make PoT a fun game, but also making it unique. Some people may not like the different growth systems being quest-based instead of time-based. But there are solutions to that! Just join a Community Server! (Would you like to see us host one? Feel free to send us a Contact request)

Another factor it excels at is that it's the first of the big 3 to have Cross-Play. At this point, The Isle and Beasts likely will not add cross-play unless they do another complete recode of their game. The Isle's devs are currently in a recode, plus there is no mention of cross-play or potential support, and Beasts development has been fairly slow as well.

Where Do They Need To Improve?

We feel that one place the team needs to improve is to offer both quest-based and time-based official servers, so that way they can make both types of players happy. Yes . . . there are community servers, but some people prefer Official servers since those are less likely to randomly shut down on you, with no warning.

Other areas in which they should improve upon is adding some of their long-awaited features, like the Replay feature to create nice-looking cinematics. We're (mostly Kenson) looking forward to being able to make cinematic videos on Path of Titans for over a year or two now! Here's a gallery that we have on our Website, Discord, and Guilded server with some Path of Titans pics!

What In-Game Comms Options Does PoT Have?​

Path of Titans has multiple text channels including:
  • Global
  • Group
  • Local
  • System (announcements, etc)
Path of Titans voice chat is not a thing. Maybe in the future, but we don't have any hints that they do plan to add it.


This post will only be updated as needed. We have other pages (at the top) which will be updated more often. We suggest checking out those pages first for updates! Feel free to check out Kenson's streams for Path of Titans gameplay (once in a while)!
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