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Stream Avatars – Stream Like a Dinosaur: Get Your Avatar Pack Today!

Today I write to you about a streaming tool that I use on my streams, Stream Avatars, and the avatar pack that I have commissioned! If you are on this website, you are likely interested in dinosaurs in some manner! If that is the case, and you happen to be a streamer (on Twitch, YouTube, Trovo, Dlive, or Facebook), you can make use of this tool and these cute dinosaurs on your stream!

You can view the list of suggested creatures on the page with the button above. The pack initially started with just nine dinosaurs, but we have over 16 now! We want to add more dinosaurs, but we are waiting for the animator to have available time to make new dinos!

Stream Avatars - Custom Thumbnail

Above is a picture of the thumbnail to look out for on the Steam Workshop. Search for “dino” or “Dinosaur Avatars,” and it should pop up! We are planning on making this the ultimate dinosaur avatar pack for streamers to enjoy! Feel free to submit new dinosaurs in the Steam Workshop discussions area!

What I Love About Stream Avatars

You are free to use whichever dinosaurs you want for your stream. Enable some, disable some, or make some only available to subs or manually gifted out! One cool thing about Stream Avatars is that you can make some avatars unique for specific viewers. The avatars will also have speech bubbles with what the viewer says in chat appearing above it. There are minigames like boss fights (right now, we have three bosses!) and a battle royale minigame for all viewers to enjoy. Viewers can also duel each other.

Stream Avatars is a tool only the streamer has to purchase, so the viewers do not need to run a copy on their machines! The app is only $20, which is not bad. Your viewers can interact with the avatars via a Twitch extension or chat for other services!

Things Stream Avatars Could Improve Upon

This is a pretty minor thing, but Mixer’s been gone for a year now (RIP, one of my favorite websites of all time), so they should honestly remove it as a login option for the app. Hopefully, they notice and get to remove it soon unless they’re hopeful for a revival, haha.

One thing I would love to see would be to allow specific viewers’ avatars always to show. Even if they aren’t active while still despawning other inactive viewers. Say, for example, your mods, subscribers, and VIPs to the channel could always have their avatars spawn in and stay even if they’re lurking and not actively chatting.

They should honestly increase the “extension space” if someone wants to have a lot of avatars to use but not create avatars themselves, and make the upload space for active artists much higher. It gives you less than 25 MB by default. That usually is enough for most people, but with my avatar pack, we have 12 of the 19 planned dinos, and one boss of probably ten or so planned bosses, and we’re already at nearly 4% of the storage. It does not include the possibility of some custom backgrounds or “gear” that people can add to their dinos potentially down the road.

You Mentioned Dinosaur Avatars? What About Them?

It is true! I did commission a great artist to make our dinosaur avatar pack. Their name is Potterzilla. They also made the Smash Bros avatars if you are interested in those. My dinosaur avatar pack is the only dedicated dinosaur pack out there for dinosaur lovers or people who want to give dinosaur avatar options to their viewers.

I am striving to make these avatars reasonably accurate to what they would’ve looked like in real life and scaling them roughly to what they’d be if they all lived together. Some dinosaurs, like the Velociraptor, had to be scaled up a bit, or they would be nearly impossible to see, though, unfortunately.

If you have any suggestions for dinosaurs to add, please do not hesitate to add your suggestions in the Workshop discussion tab for the pack, in the comments below, by joining our Discord, or by contacting us directly! I will add it to my notes with a list of dinosaurs we eventually want to add if it does not seem like it would be too similarly designed to the dinosaur avatars that we already have.

Additional Notes

I will update this post over time when we add new avatars, and we will adjust our thoughts if the Stream Avatars dev adds the features that I mentioned in the “Improve Upon” section. Keep an eye out for updates every so often!

I stream with the avatar pack when I stream games that are not too demanding to cause the app to slow down!

We warmly welcome you to join us on Discord, and on Kenson’s live streams, weekly on Mon, Wed, Fri @ 5 PM CST!
We don’t bite … much!

We’d love to have you come and join the pack today, on both Discord & Live!

Kenson M

Kenson M

Owner of Mesozoic Haven since 2015, when it was previously known as Jurassic Kingdoms. Is a family-friendly content livestreamer and lives in Texas.View Author posts

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