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Dive into the World of Suchomimus: A Swift Swimming Reptile

The Suchomimus Tenerensis, also known as Sucho, lived during the Early Cretaceous era. It was a fast swimmer, likely faster than the Spinosaurus. Sucho mainly ate fish but also consumed other meat when necessary.

Sucho grew to about 11 meters long and weighed between 2.5 and 3.8 tons. Discovered in 1997 by American paleontologist Paul Sereno in Niger, its first found fossil was a thumb claw. Unlike most theropods, Sucho had a narrow skull like a crocodile with around 120 backward-pointing teeth.

Suchomimus Design & Discovery​

The Sucho was discovered in 1997 by American paleontologist Paul Sereno, along with his team in Niger. It was originally discovered in the Elrhaz Formation. The first part of the fossil they found was a thumb claw. Unlike most theropods, it had a narrow, more crocodilian-styled skull. It likely had about 120 teeth in its maw, pointed backward.​

Sucho was medium-sized compared to other Spinosaurids, similar in size to a Baryonyx but larger than an Irritator and Icthyovenator.

Suchomimus Diet & Life

Sucho mainly ate fish but also ate other meat when available. It lived near rivers to have a constant source of food and water. Because of this, Sucho usually stayed close to the rivers and rarely moved away from the water.

Suchomimus in Media

Sucho appears in various forms of media, like movies (Jurassic World) and video games (ARK Survival Evolved). Since there isn’t much detailed information about Sucho, media often makes educated guesses about its behavior and abilities.


There isn’t much information available on the Sucho, so keep an eye out for updates to this post! (on the first update, we’ll add an Updated row to the top)​

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