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Winter the Dolphin: Life-changing inspiration to all!

I finished rewatching Dolphin Tale recently, then I decided to look up to see how Winter the Dolphin was doing. I was very saddened to hear that Winter passed away on November 11th, 2021. She was a big inspiration to me, and others that live with various types of disabilities (I have an “invisible” disability that you will not detect unless I tell you). I hoped to meet Winter once COVID calmed down and became much more reasonable and manageable, but now that will not be possible.

Since I will not be able to meet Winter the Dolphin in person anymore, I decided to show my appreciation for all the CMA (Clearwater Marine Aquarium) does in another way. I bought a little keychain addition which just arrived a while back (this is a rewrite of the post), pictured below. I will also look at ways to contribute regularly to my streams or similar. I highly recommend looking at the CMA’s website to see how you can contribute to supporting Winter the Dolphin & Hope’s legacies. They are a cause worthy of your support!

Winter the Dolphin Pendant Keychain
My Pendant To Support Winter​

Dolphin Tale Movies​

I would highly recommend watching the Dolphin Tale movies (there are 2) if you love marine life or have disabilities that you live with daily. Winter the Dolphin’s story will make you want to show your support for the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, even if not monetarily; you can show your support by sharing their Ways To Help page or this post with your friends.

The Dolphin Tale movies would always get me to tear up while watching. But when I looked up and discovered that Winter died during my last rewatch, I was very close to crying. Winter’s story makes me glad Winter had a longer life than most captive dolphins. Unfortunately, she couldn’t live in the wild back with her pod due to Winter’s condition. It would not have been possible, so she had to live at the aquarium for the rest of her life. She got a good 16 years of life; most captive dolphins only live about 12.

Watch her rescue series here:

Do You Love Marine Life?​

Suppose you are a fan of marine life and want to help support keeping marine life alive. In that case, I highly recommend looking at their Ways To Help page since you can help a marine aquarium & marine hospital to keep healing marine life and helping keep them alive. Of course, there are other causes you can contribute to as well, that are not specific to marine life (like the World Wildlife Fund).

But I feel that the Clearwater Marine Aquarium deserves more support than SeaWorld (though I support both. Blackfish had a lot of inaccuracies. I have had 3 friends who worked there, including 2 who worked with the Orcas directly). However, both are doing what they can to heal marine wildlife.

Marine life makes up a huge chunk of our planet since our globe is more than 70% water. We humans need to find ways to support and keep marine life alive. This ranges from Dolphins (like the Vaquita with less than 20 10 left alive) to Sharks which are essential to the ecosystem (which is killing multiple ecosystems globally with shark finning), basically all forms of marine life.

Winter The Dolphin – An Inspiration To All​

She was a big inspiration to me, I have always wanted to visit and now that she is dead, unfortunately, I cannot. The only way I can show support is to keep rewatching the Dolphin Tale movies, their YouTube videos on the Clearwater Marine Aquarium channel, and by getting little things like the keychain pendant I always keep with me wherever I go.

If you live with any type of disability, like me, you will more than likely be inspired by her difficult life without a tail. You can watch the Dolphin Tale movies on Amazon Prime[Affiliate link!] (rent for $4, buy for $13), on Vudu, and Redbox.

Concluding Thoughts​

I would enjoy it if you all could share any wildlife causes you supported, in the comments below. Please! Let me know what various wildlife causes you are all supporting. It would make me feel super happy.

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