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Toontown Rewritten & Corporate Clash – Which One Is For You?

What is Toontown?​

ToonTown is a game designed for kids but has people of all ages playing it. It has also been around for a long time, being released back on June 2nd, 2003 for full launch. This game is one of my favorite nostalgic games, and I semi-regularly stream it live, in addition to Monster Hunter & ARK SurvivalWatch live here. There are currently two primary private servers that are keeping the community alive: ToonTown Rewritten (more vanilla-like) and Corporate Clash (more modernized). Between the two, I prefer Corporate Clash. It is less grindy than Rewritten is and has more up-to-date textures and more gag choices.

This game, in one form or another, has been alive for 20 years now! Disney shut down the game officially on September 19, 2013. They had it running for roughly 10 years since 2003. Private servers of kept it running for 10 years as of September 19, 2023. This game may look like a kid’s game, but it means a lot to me, Kenson. I grew up with this game! As such, I stream it on a semi-regular basis.

What Corporate Clash Does Better Than Rewritten​

Corporate Clash is a much more “recent” and “modernized” version of the franchise. Because of this, it does require a bit more computer power to run. I personally recommend a minimum of 8 GB of RAM. That is not too difficult to get these days unless you have an old PC. Some of the things it does better than Rewritten include, but are not limited to:

  • More Toon Species
  • A New Gag Track (ZAP)
  • 8 levels of gags, vs 7. You can also buy all 8 levels in the Gag Shop, vs having to get 500 exp between uses for level 7s in Rewritten
  • Completely rebuilt (from the ground up) Lawbot boss, the Chief Legal Officer (CLO)
  • The upcoming update includes a “mix-n-match” system to make your variation of a toon species.
  • Significantly less grinding than Rewritten. Makes multi-tooning (not me tho) easier.
    • Leveling cog suits in rewritten can easily take months of work. Not always, but it can easily take months.
  • You can play the full game “task-less,” although you won’t get the full 150 laff, since you need to complete each playground’s Kudos boards.
    • This is nice if you find certain aspects of the task line offensive. Some people do not like magic or witchcraft, so you may want to completely avoid the Ye Olde Toontown section in that case. But if you do not like magic or witchcraft, you cannot continue through the rest of the story until you complete that section.
    • Because of that, you’d miss out on 8 Laff points, maxing out at 142.
Toontown Rewritten - VS - Corporate Clash

What Rewritten Does Better than Corporate Clash​

It wouldn’t be a good review if I didn’t compare the features of its “competitor” (they don’t call themselves competitors, all of the private servers are friendly with each other because they are all keeping the spirit of the game alive) or “alternate” choice to Corporate Clash, would it? Here’s what ToonTown Rewritten does better at (in my opinion):

  • If you have played this series before, it is a much more familiar experience.
  • More vanilla-like experience (if you want to experience the original game (except field offices, they overhauled that from the OG game)
  • Larger player base. Rewritten averages over 1000-1500. Corporate Clash averages 600.
  • Uses fewer system resources than Corporate Clash (easier to run on older systems).

Which Private Server Is Better For You?​

To be honest, it depends. If you have an older PC, you will want to probably play Toontown Rewritten as your primary server. You can give Corporate Clash a try to see how well it runs on your PC. While I’m streaming, in an Overclocked CLO (hardest boss in the game right now) I get an average of 30 FPS, sometimes 18-22 or so during the final round. This is on a Ryzen 5800x, 3070 Ti, and 64GB of RAM with all SSDs (no HDD). But while I’m not streaming, it runs fine and can average closer to 60 in the OCLO.

Other parts of Corporate Clash run a fair bit smoother than CLO/OCLO. Certain sections of that boss tend to strain a PC more, and it is the reworked boss in comparison to the old version of the boss still existing in Rewritten. This will hopefully be alleviated with the “Mix-N-Match” update from what I understand. They will hopefully be doing some more Toon/Character optimizations at that point, which will allow both better visuals and better performance.

There is no “best server” really – it is a matter of preference. Both of them have pros and cons. Corporate Clash is a much more modern game, and as such, it requires a bit more of a powerful computer. Rewritten is the classic experience of the game. This means you can run it on a potato essentially! I highly recommend giving both a try to see which one you prefer.


In Kenson’s opinion, Corporate Clash is the better option in terms of private servers. It does not get as many players as Toontown Rewritten, but it has a lot more modern additions. This makes the grind less labor-intensive, and they also allow you to change your gag tracks out anytime you want with no retraining. This allows you to change or build to be optimal to whatever is currently needed. That is one thing I like, meaning if I need to add Sound, I can add it for that one run, and then get rid of it again. Because I normally run soundless.

Who knows, you might prefer the more vanilla aspect of Toontown Rewritten. Be aware, though, that it is currently significantly more laborious than Corporate Clash. If you do not mind the grind, then either one will be okay for you. But if you are someone like me who does not really like magic in games, you may personally want to avoid Corporate Clash. Although, you can skip that storyline and go taskless.

The differences between Corporate Clash and Toontown Rewritten are pretty significant. Clash aims to be more modern, as mentioned earlier. Rewritten aims to have less significant changes, to what they think Disney would’ve done at this point.

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Oh man I remember seeing commercials for ToonTown back in the day! I wanted to play it so bad back then, but didn’t have a computer so I couldn’t join in on the fun. It’s really cool that there’s fans who have kept this game alive in some form.

Fave Dino
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